What kind of League is KHL?

Kunlun Hongxing just finished this season’s postseason journey, at this time the best answer, but I hope you start the new season in September to pay attention to this team! In a word, KHL is the second ice hockey league in the world. Except for the NHL level in North America, the rest of the league can’t be compared with KHL in terms of size, team number and coverage. So it’s more abstract. Specifically, the full name of KHL is continental ice hockey league. This continent refers to the whole Eurasian continent, because this league is a big league with four divisions, 29 teams and eight national teams in a wide range from Helsinki in the west to Vladivostok in Russia in the East. Its southernmost home is Beijing, where it joined last season.


From the player’s point of view, KHL should be a major player to deliver players to the NHL team, mainly some excellent players such as Russia and Finland (North American players are mainly from AHL who OHL and the university system team) the Russian players we are familiar with, those who are now the most influential players in NHL, are basically from KHL (KHL team Russia accounts for 22 teams), Malkin, ovichekin, trashenko, panalin and so on. Historically, the League was formerly known as the Russian Super League (RSL). At the beginning of 2008, 21 Russian teams and one team from Belarus, Latvia and Kazakhstan joined. After nearly a decade of changes, now has joined Croatia, Finland, Slovakia, China’s team, Beijing Kunlun Hongxing is the league’s latest team to enter the 29th. In the future, the ambitious KHL will actively seek to join the team. In June 2012, the League proposed a Super League plan to expand KHL to cover 22 countries and 64 teams. But it wasn’t long before the alliance gave up on the idea, because the logistics couldn’t keep up with the big plan. The League then clarified its intention to accommodate up to 32 teams. The main direction of expansion is northern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia.