What is the scale of Warsaw stone exhibition in Poland?

Poland Warsaw Stone Fair was held in ptak Warsaw Expo, Poland’s largest trade fair and Conference Center. The exhibition plan aims to show market novelty, latest technology and finished stone in one place and one time.

In the three-day Expo, stone industry experts will discuss the use of stone in architecture, decoration, and the latest achievements and trends in the field of design.

Scope of exhibits

Stone and its products: all kinds of granite, marble waste materials; marble, granite plate; all kinds of natural stone; all kinds of stone processing and processing equipment; slate; stone carving and carving products, fireplace, fountain, tombstone, etc.; stone decoration materials


Stone mining / processing / maintenance: Mining abrasives, tools and auxiliary materials and equipment for natural stone industry; stone processing machinery; stone mining machinery; stone transportation and hoisting equipment; CNC machinery and equipment; stone processing Abrasives, abrasives, small tools and instruments; diamond cutting and manufacturing tools; stone cleaning and maintenance products, stone dry hanging such as stone adhesives, stone filler, stone Material cleaning agent, stone decoration construction adhesive; stone construction technology equipment, stone renovation and repair technology; stone quality testing equipment; generator equipment, power equipment, etc

Other related: Stone transportation, packaging, packing, transmission equipment and technology; engineering academic, project management, research institutions, etc