What I’m going to say now is that Doran can’t be ruled out

Well, what’s the problem of excluding Doran? In fact, what I’m going to say now is that Dolan can’t be ruled out. Ha ha, it’s impossible to get around it. The biggest disadvantage of sieboldo coming to New York is that Doran’s history is very thin. The relationship between him and the general manager of the uniform group of the team is in fact.

This is not very good, not very good with the bulls. In fact, the Timberwolves finally had a quarrel with the management, which led to his losing his job. Doran can be regarded as the most difficult and difficult boss in the league, so siburdu will stay longer if he wants to be able to deal with Doran.

I don’t need to absorb the problem that he and his two previous owners can’t handle the relationship well. I think that dealing with interpersonal relationship may be the biggest disadvantage of Xibe Nationality. It is very likely that he will not play half of the season. He will also be fired from the composition of the top coaches in New York. Well, speaking of this, I think it is very interesting.

My biggest advantage at that time was that I was good at dealing with this interpersonal relationship. If I had been to nix at that time, you said that he could handle the relationship with Dolan well. I think that was a good way to deal with the relationship, but I should not go to pick up the Nix booth. After all, this is the peak.

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