We all have quite a lot of reinforcement, what’s more important

We all have a lot of reinforcement, more importantly, for the team, ah, save valuable, salary space, in fact, when we talked about green, I joked that green is the negative equity of the Lakers, but this negative equity in exchange for the holder is a good thing. What is the situation of hofford now.

Players, you think I think skin care should be a relatively stable League, top 10 rubbish, and activities are right. To be exact, as a player, he still has a very strong value. After all, his experience and leadership temperament are still there. However, his mind is really out of proportion to his ability. In fact, I am still against hofford.

There’s a glimmer of hope. Ah, I don’t think he’s in the right place. In fact, it was only two seasons ago that hofford was in the middle of the Celtics’ defense and the middle of the ball’s operation. More importantly, it was in the playoffs.

Peter terminator is right. So in July, people are not very compatible as amu said. But if he can get to a team that needs talents like him, I think he still has the ability to fight. But this team is definitely not the thunder team. Yes, the only thing the thunder team wants now is.

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