There are still a lot of Asian people in NBA

I am the best response to this question about the way you practice. Before Lin Shuhao, there were still many Asian people in the NBA. But what makes Lin Shuhao special is that it is one of the Asian Americans who said how it feels to appear.

Well, before that, being able to be in the guard position, no one would have pressure on a child but surprise us. On February 6, 2012, for example, your third Northern Expedition in three months is only five days away. Due to the products of Byron Davis and a number of guard lines, the team has decided to cut Lin Shuhao, but it will play the home game there.

MJ’s game, a better thing to listen to, in the first quarter, the game a poor, Anthony decided to discuss, cast medical, emergency medical, shot in the first half of the season, a total of only 55 minutes.

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