The letter is the root cause

Not only thunder but also himself, the Bucks have been out in the same way for two consecutive years, and worse than last year. The first three games in the second round were 0-3, which brought great confusion to the letters and embarrassed the chest. What’s the problem? In my opinion, coach budenhower is sure.

His problem, but the letter is the root cause. He has not improved his skills in the past year. In the key playoffs campaign, the level of three-point ball is hovering and the free throw is backward. It is not like a 25-year-old player’s performance, let alone he has reached the MVP level in the regular season.

In the past six seasons, the subtitle has participated in eight playoffs. Almost every time he comes out of the round, his weakness will be targeted. He was eliminated by raptors in four straight knocks after the 2-0 East game last year. His three-point goal is 14 kinds of five. This year’s first three games against the heat are 0-3 and these three games are 43 points.

In particular, the third game that must be won is zero, which is actually the last game of the season, because after zero game, he was sentenced to death with a reprieve. In the fourth game, he was injured in the first half. The Bucks entered the fourth quarter by 12 points and was caught up by the heat when they needed letters most.

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