The double shot only scored 23 points in total

The two teams, 15-1 and in excellent condition, played cautiously. There were 22 alternated leads in this game. Even if the two sides were tied, they played 88. Although the Blazers contributed 75 points in total.

I got 25 points in half-time, but the warriors, with better defense, laughed until the end. Green green gave out five blocks, five blocks and three pieces of rubbish that robbed him. That’s the warriors’ weapon.

They are the last quarter of quality. The pioneers got 21 points, and they can only use it when they have a good grasp. Durant was injured and absent, which disrupted the deployment of the warriors in the second game. They played a shock wave of 128-2 in the beginning, building a huge advantage in the third season.

Warriors once again launched a wave, 28-12 climax, it is difficult for a team to resist such a fierce offensive, the Blazers are no exception, the double gun total only 23 points, such performance, obviously can not win.

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