Teammates become more powerful

We always say that if a team has a good point guard, he has a strong, big head. Its role is not only reflected in itself, but also reflected in helping. Teammates become more powerful you, to say, Wei Shao led the thunder team to the west how high, row, then Paul can also take the thunder team to the West row, sleep is the same, but, you can, but you from the field, or from the data above, you may see that Wei Shao has more impact. His scoring ability is stronger, his data is more go7c30d465f13a47b6bfaf4615facf61d6rgeous, but the actual effect is the same, Paul is now suffering losses, mainly because his annual salary is too high. If he is the 20 million annual salary of the whole league chase running, then the thunder team ah, I personally think that not in this season, the trade exposure will also be in the next season. Six Paul, this is bound to happen, including Adams, he now needs to rebuild, he now has too many draft rights, he needs to rebuild, he needs to send Paul Adams away, so take so many draft rights, ah, take a first round draw, a first round first round send off Adams, take a first round draw to send off Adams.


After all, we have to say that the overall strength of the East is weaker than that of the West. Paul is a player killed from the West. We have a lot of experience. In the playoffs, we play with ability and play with experience. Finally, I wish this transaction can go smoothly and be completed. If Paul can join the heat, then he will have a chance to get into the second round In the Eastern Conference finals.