Summary: 49 defensive end striker Nick Bossa is fined

Nick Bosa will be punished for the collision.


The rookie defensive end-up grabbed the Viking right winger Brian O’Neill after his teammates finished the interception in the Division match against the Viking on the 11th. O’Neill left for a concussion and was not back in the game. The referee on duty fouled Bossa for unnecessary rudeness.

Bossa will be fined $28075.

Here are other news on Saturday:

1. Jeffery Simmons, Titan’s defensive frontman, will not be fined for non sportsman behavior. Crow guard Marshall Yanda accused Simmons of spitting on himself, but there was no video evidence to support the charges.

2. Eric Fisher, the left cutting edge of the chief, was fined $14037 for non sportsman behavior. In last week’s winner’s game, Fisher poured two cans of beer on himself after arriving at the battle to celebrate, and poured his money away.

In addition, Damien Williams, the chief runner, was fined $10527 for non sportsman conduct. After scoring in one set, he threw a ball in front of Brandon Dunn.