Signing may be a disadvantage, but it’s not entirely Donovan’s

In fact, I would also like to mention that signing a contract may be a disadvantage, but it can not be said that it is entirely Donovan’s. stocks may be a disadvantage faced by Donovan and the bull, that is, the bull has not fully established its own position.

Considering the new point, Donovan may need to solve it next season, because the bulls, I have seen that since 2003, all of his coaches are rookies, and none of them have ever hired a coach with NBA head coach experience. Donovan is the first one of these, so the whole team before these teams.

I think it’s more interesting. Of course, there are some excellent coaches like thibodou in a team, but they are still in a chaotic state until last season. What Donovan needs to solve next season is the problem of attack.

Launch the attack core to build their attack system. Speaking of this, I have to disclose the top ten explosive players I want to choose next season. I now call them to vote. That is the bull’s conker center Wendell Carter. In fact, we think Mitchell Robinson is talented and efficient, but has no playing time.

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