Several Brown Bear players suffered severe injuries during the Finals. Bear King once relied on liquid food to maintain his nutrition.

According to the Stanley Cup tradition, teams usually announce injuries to injured players after the final. The Brown Bears were affected by injuries. On June 15, the team’s injuries were announced. The defender Zdeno-Chara was hit on the club by Shane’s shot in Game 4 of the Finals. He splashed the ice with blood immediately. Although he missed the rest of the day, he still appeared in the fifth match lineup and played with a mask in the following match.

This caused a lot of sensation at that time. Chara’s fighting spirit with injuries was impressive. Brown Bear also stubbornly dragged the game into the Seven Grabs away from home. Today, Chara confirmed that there are multiple fractures of the chin under the protective mask, and that several metal plates need to be fixed together with surgical needles and threads in order to function properly. As for the diet for those days, Chara said she could not chew anything at all, but depended on liquid food.

I remember at the press conference on June 6, Charla could not speak or open her mouth, so she had to write what she wanted to say on paper. “Warrior” is the word most used by teammates to describe Chara. The 42-year-old made his debut in the next week and even scored a goal in Game 6 to help the team beat the blues 5-1. Boston wanted to win the Stanley Cup, but ultimately lost 4-1 in yesterday’s Seven World Cups. After the finals, Charla’s jaw will enter the system’s recovery period, estimated to be 5-6 weeks.

Every team in the Stanley Cup has a long list of injuries, but compared to the blues, the Brown Bear’s list of injuries is too cruel. The team lost the game and was injured, but it was because of their strength that we saw such a wonderful seven finals.


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