Refused to watch Tony Parker play

Refusing to watch Tony Parker’s game, the Spurs need to reshape their lineup, including go. Duncan is knows better than anyone else, but the large number of people who won the championship with him in 1999 are old and out of 36.

Ai Li, 37, who is about to leave after her contract expires, went to the sun a year ago. Elliott, 33, who has had a kidney change, will soon become a TV series.

If we don’t give Duncan, if babe doesn’t equip Duncan with a batch of new and reliable helpers, and if he doesn’t continue to launch like the championship, the impact will be a waste of good youth. However, Popovich doesn’t think Parker will be one of the answers, which is empty for the dissatisfaction of 20 from France.

In fact, the thief, Parker, is not purely French. He has half American blood in his body. His father is old Tony. Parker is an American. His wife grew up in Chicago and learned to play basketball. He is six feet five.

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