Peter must be the one who dominates

I can tell you responsibly that, I think, I personally think that the first goal of the 76ers and bucks, if the jump ball is successful, well, Peter must be the one who dominates the first ball. You can see his absolute position in the team. The core position.


This player, ah, is one of the few players in the league, whose skills are relatively comprehensive and whose characteristics are quite distinct. A professor in the West and an NBA player in the East are relatively comprehensive. Moreover, the NBA players will also shoot three points. The oral ability also has the inside line creation, the kill, the ability, the inside line creates the kill, the ability, is very, important, very, the important, why does the opponent want, the big center, Liu Zhenying’s fifth position is to give, the Nb preparation, otherwise also does not need so many big brother’s player to come up to play the death, the fifth elementary school conforms to the trend of the times. I didn’t say that the 76ers are losing two games in a row at home. I think, ah, it’s these teams with big centers. You can’t sleep. This season can be very high.

Your state, ah, his big action center’s team has great physical strength, can play, consume, recover and make up for the special, slow ah, so his record will not be very good, compared to the west side, the Laker team I am also more surprised, ah, I think that the Lakers can play to the first in the west, I also think the record is very poor.

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