Paul George is not such an athlete

After that, Paul George.

What’s more, it’s an obvious fact that Paul George is active and changes instead of passively changing. He is forced to throw outside the three-point line when he is injured. When playing inside, his dribbling ability is limited, right. This ability is limited, even in these All-Star players, in the same position, ah, can’t compare with James, can’t compare with Durant, can’t compare with Leonard, can’t compare with anyone, can’t compare with this letter, and quembo’s position in this position is small forward. George, it can be said that this group of people in this level of athletes can be said to have the worst ability to control the ball. Is there anything worse than him, right? Can you show me if there is any worse than him? So, Paul George is not such an athlete, not such an athlete, not that he is forced to throw three points. However, he is willing to look for this shooting method. After he comes back loud, his three-point shooting rate is improving every year, and the more he throws, the more accurate he is, the more stable he tends to be. This is his active change. You have to calculate when, not from the warriors to play small balls.


At that time, it wasn’t so fast. However, Kuri was a player from the very beginning of his career. That’s how he played. And that’s his killing weapon. We’re going to talk about killing weapons. Harden’s talent is his ability to make fouls. Ah ah, the article also lists why Jordan and Kobe don’t have three-point projection ability, why they have to be suppressed and so on. They think that the more weapons they have, the more powerful they are, right? Um, the original, this, this and this. Superstars are flying in the sky, ah, because the working condition is the most efficient, so they don’t cast in the outside line

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like us NBA cobblers

Some common sense mistakes are not slip of mouth, some common sense mistakes and low-level mistakes. Can’t we see that a lot of fans don’t believe it, ah, they don’t believe it. I think countries of this level have made me believe this, right? But we have to say, er, when you are really.


When you want to do this thing, you may feel that you can’t do it. Don’t think that you are all right. When you really go up, you can open your eyes. You can’t say anything. Well, you have to choose your, this, this, er, trusted, big, forced, right? Observe. They should always follow them, they said. Are things heavy? Are they always right about these things? Or have a high hit rate? For example, like us NBA cobblers, you have to follow us, right? If you follow us, you can have a super high hit rate. You, brother, boasted in front of friends, this boast can be blown up. Ah, it’s not. In fact, it’s not the program that needs us to make a comparison in the NBA. It’s really awesome. For example, Jilin Butler, can you imagine it? You don’t have to think about it, right? Jimmy Butler, what strategy? Ah, there’s only one, double box.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, I ask you, what’s the strategy, you don’t know, ah, when I tell you, Jim Butler said, seven or six people, this is a double bag, ah, he can’t say it himself, ah, it doesn’t write in the news, right.

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What about Hardon’s step back?

The rockets and warriors are seven or eight points behind after the third quarter, mate. The three points are all like this. The guys can’t beat the warriors. The warriors are so powerful. What time should we take a rest? Let’s have a rest and watch the fourth episode. Harden, can you be supernatural? He made a foul today. Ah, Sau Durant’s head is still warm, and he has played in the game. Ah, our school said, ah, the Rockets, how to deal with something, I’m the whole league, the team treats the warriors, well, the only move is the goddess of victory and luck. I can’t see any way to kill apple, warriors, and others. I can’t see any way. The miracle worth looking forward to has appeared. Ah, the rest of these days, Tencent, this commentary is really, er, this live broadcast is, er, good, very good, um, fans ask a question.


When it comes to harden, why is it so slow? Why can’t you see this Tencent elder sister? It’s really wonderful to explain. On the shoes, ah, it explains that harden’s core strength is to turn down the voice. It’s all in time for me to talk about some personal opinions. I, so to say, well, Hadden’s step back doesn’t mean the core muscle group, ah, what’s the shooting, the step back, the step back, the range, the size, the camouflage, isn’t it? Isn’t it true that not everyone can use this move? Everyone can do it

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A word or two can not explain the strength of warriors!

Some netizens asked us about the difference between the rockets and the warriors last year. Why did it take so much effort to fight the warriors this year? In fact, the warriors were also poor, and the Rockets were also poor. However, the warrior tears the rocket, can not use, ah warrior, in fact, he is, the overall strength of the reduction does not depend on whether kaoxins is injured or not. We say that test, Sims is useless, and kaoxins will become a champion. It doesn’t matter whether he has or not. The Warriors team, ah, there is no cowing, Si ah is also the champion lineup, which ten are sure, ah ten take ten, his overall strength reduction is mainly reflected in green igordala and Thompson who are three people, injured Curie treasure.


The original level remains unchanged. Durant’s improvement is mainly reflected in his cleverness in playing basketball. His efficiency is extremely high. Ah, when defending, Durant does not work and does not contribute. Anyway, there are so many engineers behind him to help him shovel the ground, right. The spirit is good, the physical strength is strong, the attack efficiency is good, where the warriors are now fierce, is Durant, ah, can not participate in defense, ah, attack, above, ah, the defense above the loss of a few points good me, tibia above all played back with this kind of confidence and. But with this ability, right? It doesn’t matter if I miss a few. I’ll find all three of you back when I hit you. What’s the problem with the Rockets? This lineup can’t help the warriors. Unlike the three small forwards last year, they defended with three guards, and the three guards bowed with three small forwards. There are three small forwards. After the game, they also defend three guards and take three forwards to attack. This is the system. But this year is not the case. The number of people in the position is very small. Gordon has to rush to the front to seal up the old tanks. You can see how high the attendance rate of the tanks is. Tucker is a gold medal.

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Rockets attack warriors

When we say that Rockets attack warriors, God can only bless them. Victory and the goddess of victory, the goddess of luck, must stand absolutely at the side of the rocket. Hadden wants to explode his watch. Then there’s hope for the Rockets. What we’re talking about in this game must be fast-paced and high error rate. It’s definitely a high number rate. Before we started playing, we told you that the rockets and warriors are playing. They are fast, and there are a lot of mistakes on both sides. There will be a lot of random fighting. We are beating randomly. You can play fast. The answer is fast, right? But the warriors are so fast. Ah, he is used to it. What will he do? Right? But the Rockets? He may not be used to fighting the warriors. The warriors can play with you for 48 minutes, right? But the Rockets still have to stop. Well, for a player like Paul, sometimes he will control the rhythm. I don’t think he can do it now. Now his physical fitness can’t keep up with the shooting rate. We’ll play slower. You are resting while the warriors are resting. So there are still some problems, right.


The first game, the first game, we said, right? You, including the whole series, will go on like this. Make good use of the opponent’s mistakes, yourself, less mistakes. You can play more and throw more. You can only win the warriors in this way. What can’t be done? Little, riverstka, feila. McGrady really wants to be a fool. Ah, McGrady, I guess, is, er, nonsense according to the needs of the program. Ah, if I really see this one tomorrow, the Rockets can still win

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NBA stinking ability

Let’s talk about the relationship between the 76ers and the Raptors. We said, well, Peter’s pressure on the inside is just a hope for him, right? We said we didn’t watch it. Well, we think Xiaojia has defense, and his physique has defensive volume. Ah, there is no defense. The area is not big enough, but it has defensive volume. It’s counter position. Well, Peter is OK. We all said in our program whether or not embid can impress Xiaojia and kill Xiaoqiang. Look at his ability, not to see the NBA stinking ability, but I want to tell you, in this pair of series, this pair of series, this pair of series, why the pair must burst, must play their own ability, otherwise this series win is also shameful, no intention for the NBA. It’s meaningless. You don’t think it’s meaningless for the seven human beings. It’s meaningless to understand the words, right? Well, we’re not literal. It’s meaningful for the 76ers to win this game and win this series, but it’s meaningless for UM Peter.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that Leonard’s performance in the previous issue is worth mentioning. Praise, the excellent performance of the leader, he said, this is what we talk about. Oh, this praise? Have we done it before? We have all done it. We talked about Brown shooting him to death. James Butler

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Haden’s opposition to Durant

It’s more helpful to the Rockets. We can go and have a look. Igdala pays attention to his shooting rate. Livingston’s shooting rate also needs to be emphasized. The Rockets are playing this way now,


There is another thing that fulante should pay attention to when he defends harden. When Durant defends harden, when he is hit by the warriors, it is also invalid, right? Durant is pulled out to defend harden, and those who defend harden are empty, and the height of the inside line is not at this time. Strengthen, the front court rebounds are really strong ah, the front court rebounds rush to grab the front court rebounds and the short players rush to the basket to attack under the basket can also grab a lot of defensive rebounds. So, ah, there is still a great opportunity ah, oh, in Haden’s opposition to Durant, under the situation, do not be a wall. He used to be a very smart player. He played Durant with a high IQ, and Hadden finished playing today. Ah, he has stepped back from KULI’s head and scored three points. One, Dara, green, Thomson, a few, just one Durant. Durant’s step back three points. I didn’t see that, but I believe he has the ability. I forgot to throw a lap, and I’ve stolen all the people around the circle, eh.

Harden is also a wonderful flower. Ah, for so many years, thunder and three young people are all brave and heroic

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Eastern and Western point guards in chaos!

Talk about the guard positions of the four teams in the East and West. The guard’s question, especially the point guard, was raised by some netizens. Ah, he also left us a message. I hope we can talk about it briefly because some of my netizens may have raised the question that, um, there is something wrong with these teams. Well, it’s mainly because the position of the guard is not so suck. It’s analogous to the Celtics, the seven and sixth teams. Ah, wait. Well, in fact, it’s mainly concentrated on the Celtics and the muscles.


Because, most of us are on the side of Celtic 76ers. Now they are 2-3 behind and have no home court advantage. They are in danger. Basically, from the intuitive feeling of the game, ah, confidence and ability. There are also strategies and tactics. If you are backward, you have to change your life against the weather. If you want to move back, it’s very difficult. It depends on whether the coach has any tricks. If you can use them, you can say that the Celtic team is not good. Guard right, disperse Kerry Owen’s organizational responsibilities, this problem I think ah, you say is also, you say is not right, in fact, or to return to this problem, that is, the team has no good or can. The player who helps Owen score is in charge of stable output point 2, right? This Owen is playing point guard at that time. You need to have your organization, right? You need to score too. Now you have to win double guards.

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Beat Godzilla and spit blood!

Look at the Bucks now, ah, they can wipe out the Celtics by 4-1, right? The 76ers and raptors can win seven. Right, the 76ers, ah, the luxurious offensive lineup, so they are comparable with the reindeer opponent. Of course, this should be said in reverse that the Bucks can be as luxurious as the 76ers. The scenery is as good as before. So, in fact, we are not bad, right? The main thing now is that the Rockets, ah, can we break the warriors? Ah, all the anxious eyes are focused on the side of the rockets and the warriors. The champion of the Western five ability team is the general champion. This opportunity is very rare, really rare.


You happen to meet harden. He’s in good condition this year. He’ll be in a first grade next year, right? So you have to make good use of this year’s good state. You don’t know what the structure is next year. If you leave Durant, if you leave Thomson, if you leave Durant, if you leave Thomson, you leave Durant and Thomson. It may be three to five years of darkness in the West. Five years is a little exaggerated. It may be three years of darkness and three years of darkness. How can the rocket of fire be strengthened? There is no way. Harden is 30 million and 40 million, Paul also needs 40 million, right? 7788 plus, today we have to renew Gordon’s contract this year’s high school. Less, I don’t think it’s very likely to be 20 million

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The Lakers start fishing mode!

When it comes to the ability to play big against small, we say that the ability to play big can be highlighted. Now, because the outside players have a strong projection ability, but if there is a little space, their facilities. The ability is very strong, right? The overall level is improving, the overall level of three points is improving, but the league, the ability to play small is degenerating, the traditional center forward can not be used, ah, can only, squeeze to the basket, there is no long shot ability, ah, there are not many people have the ability.


In such a situation, big against small, ah, it doesn’t occupy any advantage. You should put it ten years ago, 20 years ago. Ah, basically, this kind of tactics is to seek death. If you want to meet the four centers, it is a time when big front runs rampant. Reading is looking for death. Duncan Nowitzki, garnet Wallace, er, Webb O’Neill, Yao Ming and Yao Ming play a small forward of two meters and three meters. It’s not easy to play, right? It’s 20 centimeters shorter than you and five times less than your weight. Six kilos and more than 50 pounds, right? So much height, so much weight. You can hit you as you want. You can knead what you want, knead and knead as much as you want. Ah, so there is a Yao Ming. If Yao Ming is born ten years later, he can sweep the League. Basically, you seldom go to Inner Mongolia, you just fight for the outside line’s hit rate, right? I told you, right? You’ll rely on the outside line’s hit rate, there’s no rebounds. If you’ve got three points today, you’ll win your three points. Head, if you’ve got a 40% hit rate, you’ll kneel down. No, rebounds are guaranteed.

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