Cobay: teaching assistant derby is tough on the battlefield

March 3 Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the national Derby, sertian assistant Sarabia in the bench emotional. According to radio COBE, salabia’s move triggered dissatisfaction in Barcelona’s dressing room.


“Movistar +” exposed the video from the perspective of Basa’s bench in the derby, and salabia angrily criticized the players’ problems at both ends of the attack and defense, and even explicated them.

Radio COBE said Barcelona’s dressing room was unhappy with salabia’s behaviour and the players did not think he was the right conductor on the bench.

Raven: Don Wilkins and I may be reunited to form the big three. The NBA is crazy

March 5 – bulls defender Zac Raven spoke to the media about his playing with Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Downes in the Timberwolves.

“I look back at that squad, especially when we were young, about 19-21. We are now on our way to the top. I think everyone can develop into what they should be Said Raven.


“For what everyone wants to see and is curious about, what would happen if you three formed the big three? But that’s the NBA. You’ve always wanted to reunite one day, but you don’t know what’s going to happen. James Harden and Russell Westbrook are reunited now, so you never know what will happen. ” Said Raven.

“You may get the chance to reunite in the next few years It’s interesting. You grow up with these people, so you cherish these moments. I haven’t talked to them about the reunion, it just happened to pass through my mind. Dude, you never know what’s going to happen. The NBA is crazy Raven added.

Raven, Wiggins and Downes have played for the Timberwolves for two seasons in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Against the Lakers Ingram state downturn, Zion sharp!

On March 2, NBA regular season ushered in the battle of focus. Ingram led the former “three less Lakers” against the Lakers led by James. Although Davies was absent due to injury, both sides still gave us a wonderful game. In the end, the better Lakers beat the pelicans 122-114.


In terms of data, the Lakers LeBron James scored 34 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists in the super triple double; Kyle Kuzma scored 20 points. For pelican, Cain Williamson has 35 points and 7 rebounds; ronzo Bauer has 19 points and 9 rebounds and 9 assists; Brandon Ingram has 15 points. Comprehensive performance of the two teams to see James today’s play can be said to be impeccable, Zion also in the inner line of the sea not to let go. On the contrary, Ingram, who made it to the All-Star this season, didn’t perform well in this game. According to statistics, four times this season against the Lakers play not very ideal, four shooting situation in 21 of 4, 27 of 7, 20 of 12, 23 of 5. 28 out of 91 shots, with a hit rate of only 30.7%, the offensive end was struggling.

41+20+6! Alphabet brother refresh history

On March 2, the NBA started at 2 a.m. in a regular season game, the Hornets met the bucks at home. Before that, the hornet’s record was 21-38, ranking 10th in the East, and the Bucks were 51-8, ranking first in the East. The final result is 85-93. The Hornets are sorry to lose at home, but they are also recorded in history. In this game, brother alphabet continued to perform well, with 41 points down. Only two bucks hit 50% of the total, brother alphabet (17 out of 28, 1 in sterling Brown 2). After this game, the Eastern Conference’s top competition almost lost its suspense.


Data, Bucks side, letter brother 41 points 20 rebounds 6 assists 1 steals, big Lopez 16 points 7 rebounds, Hill 11 points 5 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals, bradso 4 points 2 assists, Matthews 8 points 8 rebounds. For the Hornets, rosier has 13 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, Graham has 17 points, 3 assists, Hernan Gomez has 10 points, 13 rebounds, and Washington has 12 points, 6 rebounds.

From no ball to No. 1 in the League! Howard, if you don’t hold back a little bit, the Lakers won’t want you

This season’s Lakers are amazing, but the current lineup of the Lakers is a little worse than the Clippers. If the Lakers want to win the championship, they need to rely on the role players of the Lakers to play. There are many veteran players in the Lakers team. In the intense playoffs, although they can play their valuable experience, physical strength is also a problem. There are many veteran players, good and bad, after all, boxing is afraid to be less Zhuang, the peak of competitive sports in those years, it’s hard to compete with clippers, rockets and other teams. After all stars, Lakers players are worth mentioning. This article mainly talks about Howard, which is summarized as: 35 out of 43, from no ball to No. 1 in the League! Howard, you don’t hold back! The Lakers really don’t want you!


Howard, a veteran of the league, is now 34 years old. Facing retirement at the end of last season, Howard has called all the League Managers, no one wants it! Finally, the Lakers after weighing, Howard joined the Lakers at the base salary. It didn’t matter at that time. After all, no one had ever thought about the impact of a base salary on the team. But Howard proved himself with his performance, that he was not old, that he could still influence the game, that he could still stand in the NBA. This is Howard Ward, once a man on the top of the NBA, once a man who could trade James alone.

Is overcoat an artist? Not at all! Jiang Dawei shouldn’t be blamed. It’s a moral kidnapping by netizens

Recently, Jiang Dawei’s comments on coat brother attracted many people to make complaints about it. What’s going on? Jiang Dawei, a famous singer, said in a program called “interview with artists of virtue, art and double happiness” that “farmers’ singers can be famous and change their fate because the common people like them and they are nothing without these fans.” then, he said: “farmers’ singers are not artists, and they can’t even touch the edge of art. The reason is: which song did you sing? Which song did you create.

Jiang Dawei’s comments have been seen by netizens as mocking “brother overcoat” Zhu Zhiwen. Then, some accusations rushed to Jiang Dawei. Jiang Dawei had to explain in the face of pressure, but no matter how to explain it, the netizens didn’t buy it. Is it wrong for Jiang Dawei to say that peasant singers are not artists? Let’s look at the definition of artist:

An artist is an artist who has high aesthetic ability and skillful creative skills and is engaged in artistic creation and has certain achievements. People who are engaged in creative activities of works of art usually refer to those who have made relatively high achievements in the fields of art such as writing, painting, photography, performance, sculpture, music, calligraphy and dance, so that they have a certain degree of aesthetics. ” By this standard, it is clear that Jiang Dawei is a pure artist.

Boom 57 + 15 + 6! Rockets second team face everyone

On February 27, 2020, there is another news about the Rockets today. We need to know that the Rockets have won four consecutive games before. At present, the Denver Nuggets, the second-largest player in the west, have only two games to win. We can say that the next goal of the Rockets is very clear. Will be full impact on the highest goal, and now de Shuai is also officially the next target showdown, to impact the western second, we have to say that the rocket team is really too strong now, especially after the team ushered in the strong repair, the performance is better, originally thought that de Shuai’s five small line-up is a joke, but did not expect that in this season de Shuai was born with five small line-up Face before questioning all his people, more importantly, the Rockets’ backup lineup at the beginning of the season at the bottom of the league, but after the experience of reinforcement, but jumped into the league’s most efficient scoring backup lineup, but also the Rockets next to impact the championship of a big trump card!


Even though many people have said that d’antony’s five little lineup is a joke, it doesn’t play a role at all on the court, and the height problem has limited the Rockets to make a difference on the court, because they feel that there are three teams in front of the Rockets: the Lakers with the big brow, the barons with the gobel, and the bucks with the letter brother, It’s impossible for the Rockets to surpass, but the rockets and the jazz, as well as the Lakers, have played against two teams with high internal towers. The Lakers lost to the Rockets before, and the Jazz did not lose to the Rockets unexpectedly. It’s true that the Rockets have proved that even if you have an internal tower, I can drag you down with five small teams. It’s true Although the Rockets do not have any advantage in overall height, the inside line is also a major weakness of the team, but it can’t stand the three-point accuracy of the Rockets. Almost everyone of the Rockets can cast three points on the field, and the hit rate on the field is very high. The current tactics of the Rockets is that you can score an inside line ball and get two points, while I can get them on the outside line To three points!

New target appears! American media’s tactics for the Lakers

On February 25, according to local authoritative sources in the United States, the Lakers didn’t stop the pace of their own reinforcement after signing machiv Morris successfully, because they still have a defect, that is, the lack of a good player at the back line to relieve James. Maybe some fans will say, isn’t Rondo? Of course, coach long is a great passer, which we can’t deny, but his attack threat is too small, and with the growth of age, his defense ability can’t be the same, so the Lakers are now eager to find a defender who has both the ability of independent attack and the ability to pass in series with the team.



According to most of the recent news, Xiaoyu summed up that they are basically focused on two players, Jr Smith and Dion Vettes. But are these two players really suitable for the Lakers? Xiaoyu doesn’t think so. It’s because there’s no one in the free market, so they just want to go back for the second place. First of all, Jr Smith is familiar to all. He is James’s former bodyguard with a knife and a famous “nerve knife”. But with the growth of age, his defensive ability has been very bad, plus more than a season did not play, his ability to recover several layers no one dare to guarantee. As for Vitus, he is a famous “prick”. This season, he was banned by the heat three times because of his temper. Although James has a lot to deal with these problems, does the Lakers really dare to take the atmosphere of their dressing room as a bet?

Rest in peace! Kobe, you live in our hearts forever, the No. twenty-four Jersey forever

Kobe’s memorial service was held yesterday, and many NBA stars appeared in the memorial service.

At the memorial service, Mrs. kesao was emaciated and emaciated. When she appeared on the stage and spoke, she was already unsteady.

And our master Joe appeared at the memorial service, where he cried into tears.

When Joe, 57, came up, he couldn’t help crying. His face was too sad. All the time, he was full of tears. He cried and said. Looking back, he asked his daughter how to teach him how to play. Jordan said that he was still playing baseball when he was 12 years old, and he said a word that made everyone laugh.

After all, the relationship between the two for many years, and, kind and easy-going Kobe, loved and loved by everyone.

I may make complaints about myself immediately,” he said, laughing at the crowd. “I may have second crying expressions to be launched.”

In the scene, Curie, Kuzma and other people’s expressions changed greatly, they all grinned, and the scene atmosphere was a little happier. When Jordan finished speaking, there was warm applause again.



In those days, the two were always compared by the media and fans. Who is the first point guard in history? Who is the first person in history? Now, none of this matters.

They are all the greatest legends in history. At Kobe’s memorial service, Joe, 57, was in tears all the time. He had already become a tearful man. It’s not necessary to say how sad he was. He is too sad. They will live forever.

For the last time, we say goodbye to him again. We don’t see each other. I hope where can he be healthy and safe.

Rest in peace! Mr. Bryant.

Luango became a goalkeeper, won the match in history, and the third army knife made the league history

On February 24, 2019, the expected outdoor classic of NHL kicked off. There were 69620 spectators in the battle between the flying man and penguin, ranking the fifth in the history of the league. In all 27 outdoor games of NHL, the total number of participants was 1459359, with an average of 54050.

641 (4)


In this game, there is another Penn State war. This is 287 regular season meetings between the two teams since the penguins joined the league in 1967-68 season. Penguins won 154 games and lost 103 games, with 30 games tied.

This is the sixth game of NHL’s 27th outdoor game to be dragged into extra time. Three of the remaining five games are solved in extra time of 5 minutes, and two of them are in penalty shootout.

The penguins scored the first goal of the game, while the last time the two teams played an outdoor match (2017 classic Penguin 4-2 trapeze), it was also Crosby’s first record.