Not only the signer but also the experienced saber

Marcus Johnson has decided to sign a two-year, $9 million contract with the Stevie buffalo in between the offseason transfer and the placement of top players.

The 28 year old striker believes in the Buffalo Sabres.

“I like the style of buffalo,” Johnson said. “It’s a very young and passionate team and I’m looking forward to working with buffalo. When I finally decided to go, I was really happy. ”

For saber, last season can be said to be two extremes: from November 8 to 27, the team fell ten cities in a row; but the second half of the regular season team performance can be said to be different, the result missed the playoffs. However, Johnson believes that buffalo can play a more stable sabre.


“Last year, they showed their strength at the beginning of the season, how well they can play ice hockey.” “No matter how many peaks and valleys you go through, you just need to be in good shape for most of the season,” Johnson said. Even in the face of difficulties and dangers, everyone tries to keep a positive attitude and move forward. ”

In Johnson’s view, all these young players are excellent and they can learn from everything. He believes that with the talent they have, everything will go well in the future.

Johnson has been in the playoffs for eight of the nine seasons of his NHL career. On February 25, Johnson was traded by the New Jersey Devils to the Boston brown bears, scoring 11 points (4 goals, 7 assists) in 22 playoffs.