like us NBA cobblers

Some common sense mistakes are not slip of mouth, some common sense mistakes and low-level mistakes. Can’t we see that a lot of fans don’t believe it, ah, they don’t believe it. I think countries of this level have made me believe this, right? But we have to say, er, when you are really.


When you want to do this thing, you may feel that you can’t do it. Don’t think that you are all right. When you really go up, you can open your eyes. You can’t say anything. Well, you have to choose your, this, this, er, trusted, big, forced, right? Observe. They should always follow them, they said. Are things heavy? Are they always right about these things? Or have a high hit rate? For example, like us NBA cobblers, you have to follow us, right? If you follow us, you can have a super high hit rate. You, brother, boasted in front of friends, this boast can be blown up. Ah, it’s not. In fact, it’s not the program that needs us to make a comparison in the NBA. It’s really awesome. For example, Jilin Butler, can you imagine it? You don’t have to think about it, right? Jimmy Butler, what strategy? Ah, there’s only one, double box.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, I ask you, what’s the strategy, you don’t know, ah, when I tell you, Jim Butler said, seven or six people, this is a double bag, ah, he can’t say it himself, ah, it doesn’t write in the news, right.

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