It was reversed with a 19 point lead

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the sixth game between the Nuggets and the Clippers. After watching this game, you know that the Clippers are really in trouble. Leonard said, the Clippers just had a cold hand in the third quarter and should score a goal.

However, this game was reversed with a 19 point lead in the third quarter, but it was not entirely because the goal that should have been cold was not strong. I wrote about the weakness of the Clippers after game 5, and the Lakers all looked at it in particular. They pointed out that the defense of the Clippers was in great trouble after they entered the lineup rotation, and their original bench advantage.

Harry and Ron are no longer the original best sixth man. In the sixth round of rotation, communication is chaotic in defense. Hal and Lu Wei’s unclear positions are becoming more and more serious, which finally makes them lose the opportunity to end the series. In the first half, the Clippers seem to have a lot of money, pen, knowledge, George, and Liang, Na’s offensive is also very strong.

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