In fact, there is no outstanding future Hall of fame level person

In fact, there is no outstanding talent at the hall of fame level in the future. But the draft of 20212022 will be the new year of NBA. At last, many teams decided that I would not rebuild before and rebuild this year.

It will be a very good start. For example, thunder, who was still playing in the playoffs last season, was in the fifth place in the Western Conference. As the fifth in the west, it decided to start to play bad this season. That’s because the thunder thinks I have so many draft rights in the future, and the next two years of draft year in a row.

He was the best chance, so many teams are willing to deliver shells for the teams in front of them and the teams in the middle of the league. You know why many teams in the league are starting to rot? Is it because of the financial problems caused by the epidemic situation? Yes, one is.

That can save money. The other thing is that your fans are afraid of losing Britney Spears to watch the game. In fact, the stadium will not be open next season, and the fans will not come to the stadium. It’s better to make this rotten thing thoroughly when we don’t pay much attention to it at this moment.

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