If there is no painting or calligraphy at home, it must be a vulgar family

Calligraphy and painting are elegant art appreciation products. Indoor hanging calligraphy and painting works of art can not only optimize the indoor environment, render the artistic atmosphere, expand the vision, add the indoor aesthetic feeling, but also cultivate the sentiment, delight the body and mind, contact the friendship, so that the owner of the room can be satisfied from the visual, psychological and emotional aspects. Hanging calligraphy and painting also has knowledge. The article intends to elaborate the matters that should be paid attention to from eight aspects.

Elegant living environment, art decoration is indispensable. It has a long history in our country to hang calligraphy and painting in living room. In the long feudal society, from emperors and generals to common people, all the people with better living conditions have calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall in their respective rooms according to their own cultural taste and hobbies. Since the birth of new China, due to the improvement of people’s cultural level, hanging calligraphy and painting in living room, study and bedroom has become a common cultural atmosphere.

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“Calligraphy and painting is the soul of interior soft decoration. It is the spirit of the owner’s deep thinking, the beating notes and the focus of vision.” However, the hanging of calligraphy and painting in the living room is particular. There has been a problem of hanging Chinese painting since ancient times. Hang a picture, use a picture. A decent painting, hanging in your own room can cultivate your mood, reduce fatigue; hanging in the office can be comfortable space, stimulate ideas. Therefore, the choice of hanging place is very important. Where paintings hang is also a science. Whether the height of the space is appropriate, whether the selection of light is reasonable, whether the color matching is coordinated, whether the selection of materials is accurate, whether the number of calligraphy and painting is appropriate, and whether it is in line with the arrangement of indoor environment and space will affect the effect of hanging paintings. How on earth can hanging calligraphy and painting show the charm and appeal of calligraphy and painting? This is a question worth pondering. The author makes a summary of eight aspects of the matters that should be paid attention to when hanging the calligraphy and painting in the room, hoping that the readers can get enlightenment from it in the future.