I saw James in Simmons

Don’t see James on Simmons, physically tired, they are the best of their own, but Simmons, indeed, is another all-round like James, representing that Simmons averaged 14.6 points, 10.3 rebounds and 11.1 assists during the 13 consecutive wins.

This season he has reached 12 times triple double ranking third, rookie season, to obtain triple double data, more than he is only big O Robertson 26 times, still, play amazing performance. In this game, he got 44 points and became the youngest player of 31000 fans. He had a steady and excellent performance in the face of his predecessors for more than ten years.

Simmons needs to do a lot. He can’t become James, but he will become a better self. However, he has to practice free throw to Lao Zhang when he is free. What’s more, Iverson played in those days.

No, we are constantly moving forward. Through the process, you once again enter the playoffs and rank strongly. It really makes us learn to believe in the process. It’s time to dedicate your performance on the upcoming playoff stage. The 76 fans have been waiting for a long time. I personally think that the performance of the 76ers this year is really outstanding. In fact, we can see that these teams have made great progress this year, both for individual players and for teams.

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