How to Decorate a Kids Room With a Space Theme

There are tons of kids who love space, especially 4-8 year old boys. Many of the tiny ones want to grow up and be astronauts, so it’s a great idea to have a space-themed room and let them be inspired to live up to their dreams.

1. Paint the walls. Paint them a dark color, electric or navy blue looks amazing, Avoid black, because it tends to look too goth for kids. Paint stars all over the walls, or only on the ceiling.NBA wall decals

2. Get space-themed furniture. Get a cool bed and bookshelf; if not possible, just paint the furniture rocket-styled with engines and windows. custom mlb stickers

3. Keep the curtains and bed sheets in the same theme. You don’t want to ruin the entire effect now, do you?

4. Keep space toys, books and other material at places where they are decorative and visible.

5. Put up a bulletin board where drawings, write-ups and posters can go. Make this space-themed by cutting out cardboard rockets and planets, and basically decorating it with that stuff. custom NHL decals stickers

6. Make sure you maintain the room well. It’s possible the room will get ruined pretty soon!


  • Your effort level should correspond to how quickly the kid changes his/her mind. There’s no point in doing all this work if tomorrow he/she wants to be a punk, is there?