He is round and weighs more than 200 Jin, but he can gallop in MLB professional sports. Can fat people survive

With the NHL finals Blues winning seven times over brown bear, NBA Finals Raptors toppling the warrior Dynasty, the three major sports leagues finally returned to the loneliness of MLB exclusive summer. As for the summer, you can think of the graceful young girls in swimsuits on the beach, and there are no lack of fat men with big bellies. In addition to the strong men, a group of fat players have become a unique scenic spot. Today we are going to introduce a fat player who is not so well-known but very interesting.

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It’s not easy for him to get into the major league

Williams astudio was born in Barcelona. Of course, if astudio was born in Catalonia, Spain, he might choose football or basketball. But he was born in Barcelona, Venezuela, a small country in the Caribbean. His grandfather and father are baseball practitioners, and his father is even a professional baseball player, which doomed the bond between astudio and baseball 。

It’s hard to believe that astouyo’s childhood favorite is not only baseball, but also toasted bread, stewed pork head with beans and stewed pig tail. So when adolescence comes, all the friends around him “draw strips” to become strong and tall little men, but astouyo has not continued to grow tall, even “baby fat” has become a short and fat stick like a butcher Player.