Griffin Ben had a good chance to lead the Clippers in the first round

With the diversification of technology Griffin, it is becoming less and more concerned. If it is not an unexpected injury, Griffin has a chance to lead the Clippers in the first round, defeat the jazz, but now it can only be simple if it is.

In fact, in the closing stage of the season, Griffin was the best player of clippers. Its strong performance included the data of the slow down Clippers at that time, the military effort to fight, the position of the upper half area cut 31 points, eight rebounds and five assists with a shooting hit rate of nearly 68%.

I remember that the best Griffin, who played nine games and won seven games, didn’t care much. What’s more, it is that it is already the second in a row.

Last year, at a critical moment in the playoffs, the young man who was chasing the model of violent and violent power forward brought out. Once upon a time, Griffin was the best player in the NBA, and he had the general muscle line scolded by carmalon com.

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