George’s right foot, like grease, rushed past, and finally interfered

Leonard had already arrived, and his position under the basket was quickly and forcibly taken over. However, after Murray passed the ball to the weak side corner, George’s right foot was smeared with oil and finally interfered. This shot was under the strong team defense pressure of the Clippers.

Tired of running for the fourth quarter, I only got two points at this time. Moreover, the outside guard and he didn’t have a tacit understanding for every ball. I have a ball here. It’s menstrual period. I made a fake foreign product for Harris at home, but Harris didn’t give it. The ball wasted a large space opportunity. During the menstrual period, he had to play singles at least. At this time, Morris put down his ball one-on-one Come on.

Menstrual period is really tired ah, regular season, a ball only played 32 minutes, at this time he has played nearly 38 minutes, the Clippers’ overall defense has been maintained until the last few seconds of the game, even if the advantage has been more than six points, you see, the last ball, than Murray’s defense, no matter George’s one-on-one defense or Morris, the actual demeanor.

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