Four of LeBron’s strikers can match them

In fact, it is a different team. They can have a lot of rotation lineups. They can match LeBron with four shooters. They can match LeBron with Tristan Thompson. This lineup is for us.

It’s also a problem. Their bearers are No. 3 or No. 4, that is LeBron, so their description is very flexible. Happy smile can almost perfectly analyze every link of the Cavaliers team, but he has nothing to do with James. In the past ten years, almost every excellent player has been.

All of them have studied James’s playing methods. When the playoffs team meets James, they are particularly pretty and come up with countermeasures, such as bobovich bobovich and James in the 2007 finals, and the regional pitches are far away from rivers, yongpeirce and Garnett in the 2010 playoffs.

You go to jams, Cole uses an answer to half kill Colin in the 2015 finals, wait for forwards to take turns defending James, and so on. At some time, they have achieved success, but most of the time, James has no solution.

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