For the first time in three seasons

It took only one month to defeat Owen in three seasons. There is no doubt that Owen is an undisputed talent in the offensive end. He showed his heart in the first season, and was selected in the second season as an all star. However, he still worries about the single strength of his individual.

When he led the team alone, the Cavaliers managed to win two top names in succession. Naturally, there were objective factors in the management. The fact that Owen was not good at leading the team was his biggest worry. LeBron returned and Cleveland formed the team.

After that, Owen’s troubles still showed up in front of him from time to time, and sometimes even looked more dazzling. When LeBron was absent, the team was still struggling, for the past three years.

I was absent from the game, the team to four, 24 this season is a failure to win, when the team’s core figure is absent, after Owen’s career and his reaction to basketball instinct are not strong enough to let her freely mobilize the whole team when the team is in trouble.

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