Do you know AI technology exhibition in Dubai, UAE?

AI everything is sponsored by bin Rashid al Maktoum, vice president and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, and sponsored by the national artificial intelligence program of the United Arab Emirates. Many international organizations, UAE government officials, science and technology industry leaders, academic institutions, AI industry start-ups, etc. all came to the scene. More than more than 130 AI related enterprises from more than 80 countries around the world set up booths in the summit, and many international organizations, the government of the United Arab Emirates, leaders of science and technology industry, academic institutions, AI industry start-ups and other field leaders attended the summit. As the world’s top AI technology integration platform, hehe information brings the most front-end application of AI technology in the financial field to the Dubai AI global summit.


Scope of exhibits

IOT & intelligent hardware: intelligent voice products, intelligent security & monitoring robots, intelligent driving, intelligent medical equipment, intelligent retail, and intelligent education products

Pattern recognition: fingerprint recognition, human image recognition, character recognition, retina recognition, remote sensing image recognition, intelligent language recognition, object recognition, iris recognition, license plate recognition, standing wave recognition, voice recognition, 2D recognition, 3D recognition, multidimensional recognition, etc

Intelligent control: intelligent PID controller, expert controller, neural network controller, hybrid / integrated intelligent control system, hierarchical control system, artificial neural network control system, fuzzy control system, learning control system, etc

Knowledge engineering: intelligent search engine, computer vision, image processing, machine translation, natural language understanding, data mining, etc