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We all have quite a lot of reinforcement, what’s more important

We all have a lot of reinforcement, more importantly, for the team, ah, save valuable, salary space, in fact, when we talked about green, I joked that green is the negative equity of the Lakers, but this negative equity in exchange for the holder is a good thing. What is the situation of hofford now.

Players, you think I think skin care should be a relatively stable League, top 10 rubbish, and activities are right. To be exact, as a player, he still has a very strong value. After all, his experience and leadership temperament are still there. However, his mind is really out of proportion to his ability. In fact, I am still against hofford.

There’s a glimmer of hope. Ah, I don’t think he’s in the right place. In fact, it was only two seasons ago that hofford was in the middle of the Celtics’ defense and the middle of the ball’s operation. More importantly, it was in the playoffs.

Peter terminator is right. So in July, people are not very compatible as amu said. But if he can get to a team that needs talents like him, I think he still has the ability to fight. But this team is definitely not the thunder team. Yes, the only thing the thunder team wants now is.

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Houdil, he has a certain individual ability to attack with the ball

Another point is that if the Bucks, the next goal is to fight for the championship, you think that the arrival of hollerty can really make the Bucks soar. There is no opponent in the East. Personally, I think that the deal by hollerty really strengthens the Bucks’ lineup, but it is only a little bit stronger, and it does not change in essence.

This team, I think, is not a panacea, he can’t after he came, all the problems of the Bucks last season have been solved, but his idea and direction is the first, we also said in the previous shooting guard ranking that it is a very top defense outside defense, that’s the bucks.

Such a top team in the East needs the ability very much in the playoffs. Another point is that hodie has a certain ability to attack with the ball. Since it was last season, what we think the Bucks lack most in the playoffs is who can be the attack initiator with the ball outside of the alphabet brother. The arrival of HOUDY can be.

To solve this problem, I think that the direction of walking seems to be wrong. The Bucks have been flat in the past two years in the playoffs. You think his problem is due to poor defense. Therefore, I think that the problem is not the defense problem, but their attack at that time. Nahoredi is indeed a top defender in the league, but he is.

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Four of LeBron’s strikers can match them

In fact, it is a different team. They can have a lot of rotation lineups. They can match LeBron with four shooters. They can match LeBron with Tristan Thompson. This lineup is for us.

It’s also a problem. Their bearers are No. 3 or No. 4, that is LeBron, so their description is very flexible. Happy smile can almost perfectly analyze every link of the Cavaliers team, but he has nothing to do with James. In the past ten years, almost every excellent player has been.

All of them have studied James’s playing methods. When the playoffs team meets James, they are particularly pretty and come up with countermeasures, such as bobovich bobovich and James in the 2007 finals, and the regional pitches are far away from rivers, yongpeirce and Garnett in the 2010 playoffs.

You go to jams, Cole uses an answer to half kill Colin in the 2015 finals, wait for forwards to take turns defending James, and so on. At some time, they have achieved success, but most of the time, James has no solution.

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Griffin Ben had a good chance to lead the Clippers in the first round

With the diversification of technology Griffin, it is becoming less and more concerned. If it is not an unexpected injury, Griffin has a chance to lead the Clippers in the first round, defeat the jazz, but now it can only be simple if it is.

In fact, in the closing stage of the season, Griffin was the best player of clippers. Its strong performance included the data of the slow down Clippers at that time, the military effort to fight, the position of the upper half area cut 31 points, eight rebounds and five assists with a shooting hit rate of nearly 68%.

I remember that the best Griffin, who played nine games and won seven games, didn’t care much. What’s more, it is that it is already the second in a row.

Last year, at a critical moment in the playoffs, the young man who was chasing the model of violent and violent power forward brought out. Once upon a time, Griffin was the best player in the NBA, and he had the general muscle line scolded by carmalon com.

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