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The double shot only scored 23 points in total

The two teams, 15-1 and in excellent condition, played cautiously. There were 22 alternated leads in this game. Even if the two sides were tied, they played 88. Although the Blazers contributed 75 points in total.

I got 25 points in half-time, but the warriors, with better defense, laughed until the end. Green green gave out five blocks, five blocks and three pieces of rubbish that robbed him. That’s the warriors’ weapon.

They are the last quarter of quality. The pioneers got 21 points, and they can only use it when they have a good grasp. Durant was injured and absent, which disrupted the deployment of the warriors in the second game. They played a shock wave of 128-2 in the beginning, building a huge advantage in the third season.

Warriors once again launched a wave, 28-12 climax, it is difficult for a team to resist such a fierce offensive, the Blazers are no exception, the double gun total only 23 points, such performance, obviously can not win.

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Refused to watch Tony Parker play

Refusing to watch Tony Parker’s game, the Spurs need to reshape their lineup, including go. Duncan is knows better than anyone else, but the large number of people who won the championship with him in 1999 are old and out of 36.

Ai Li, 37, who is about to leave after her contract expires, went to the sun a year ago. Elliott, 33, who has had a kidney change, will soon become a TV series.

If we don’t give Duncan, if babe doesn’t equip Duncan with a batch of new and reliable helpers, and if he doesn’t continue to launch like the championship, the impact will be a waste of good youth. However, Popovich doesn’t think Parker will be one of the answers, which is empty for the dissatisfaction of 20 from France.

In fact, the thief, Parker, is not purely French. He has half American blood in his body. His father is old Tony. Parker is an American. His wife grew up in Chicago and learned to play basketball. He is six feet five.

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For the first time in three seasons

It took only one month to defeat Owen in three seasons. There is no doubt that Owen is an undisputed talent in the offensive end. He showed his heart in the first season, and was selected in the second season as an all star. However, he still worries about the single strength of his individual.

When he led the team alone, the Cavaliers managed to win two top names in succession. Naturally, there were objective factors in the management. The fact that Owen was not good at leading the team was his biggest worry. LeBron returned and Cleveland formed the team.

After that, Owen’s troubles still showed up in front of him from time to time, and sometimes even looked more dazzling. When LeBron was absent, the team was still struggling, for the past three years.

I was absent from the game, the team to four, 24 this season is a failure to win, when the team’s core figure is absent, after Owen’s career and his reaction to basketball instinct are not strong enough to let her freely mobilize the whole team when the team is in trouble.

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The players we still look forward to are nerve knife players

Huang Tian has to tell a joke. The team is not big or disappeared. The world is just regular, and sometimes it will be sluggish. However, once the feeling comes up, the opponent will not be able to shout for a long time. The player we still look forward to is the nerve knife player.

Let’s take a look at the current NBA 5 God level masters. These people are really super. They are afraid of themselves. I believe many people know. Who kind-hearted, Lao Wang, all kinds of students with very poor technical foundation can also go in. He used to allocate memory. Unfortunately, he didn’t surrender much. In his eyes, there was only hatred, which lasted for six consecutive games.

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I saw James in Simmons

Don’t see James on Simmons, physically tired, they are the best of their own, but Simmons, indeed, is another all-round like James, representing that Simmons averaged 14.6 points, 10.3 rebounds and 11.1 assists during the 13 consecutive wins.

This season he has reached 12 times triple double ranking third, rookie season, to obtain triple double data, more than he is only big O Robertson 26 times, still, play amazing performance. In this game, he got 44 points and became the youngest player of 31000 fans. He had a steady and excellent performance in the face of his predecessors for more than ten years.

Simmons needs to do a lot. He can’t become James, but he will become a better self. However, he has to practice free throw to Lao Zhang when he is free. What’s more, Iverson played in those days.

No, we are constantly moving forward. Through the process, you once again enter the playoffs and rank strongly. It really makes us learn to believe in the process. It’s time to dedicate your performance on the upcoming playoff stage. The 76 fans have been waiting for a long time. I personally think that the performance of the 76ers this year is really outstanding. In fact, we can see that these teams have made great progress this year, both for individual players and for teams.

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There are still a lot of Asian people in NBA

I am the best response to this question about the way you practice. Before Lin Shuhao, there were still many Asian people in the NBA. But what makes Lin Shuhao special is that it is one of the Asian Americans who said how it feels to appear.

Well, before that, being able to be in the guard position, no one would have pressure on a child but surprise us. On February 6, 2012, for example, your third Northern Expedition in three months is only five days away. Due to the products of Byron Davis and a number of guard lines, the team has decided to cut Lin Shuhao, but it will play the home game there.

MJ’s game, a better thing to listen to, in the first quarter, the game a poor, Anthony decided to discuss, cast medical, emergency medical, shot in the first half of the season, a total of only 55 minutes.

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Just to chase that elegant figure

Hello, dear friends. I met again. I’m still your unorthodox blogger. I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you today. Tracy McGrady, born in Bator, Florida on May 24, 1979, was a must-have for Tracy McGrady’s family as a child.

Under the careful care of his mother and grandmother, he was able to eat and wear warm and thrive. When T-Mac was young, he knew a little about baseball and football, but he didn’t have much interest in basketball. The appearance of Hadaway changed him.

He began to fall in love with basketball crazily, just to chase the elegant figure, staring at the title of the best high school student of the year. In 1997, McGrady participated in the draft, and in the ninth pick, McGrady’s rookie season performance envelope, written very well is a gay rhythm, always seems to be at a loss, a little can’t let go of his hands and feet, on defense, he relies on arm extension to jump, good physical advantage can It has made some achievements, but still less.

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George’s right foot, like grease, rushed past, and finally interfered

Leonard had already arrived, and his position under the basket was quickly and forcibly taken over. However, after Murray passed the ball to the weak side corner, George’s right foot was smeared with oil and finally interfered. This shot was under the strong team defense pressure of the Clippers.

Tired of running for the fourth quarter, I only got two points at this time. Moreover, the outside guard and he didn’t have a tacit understanding for every ball. I have a ball here. It’s menstrual period. I made a fake foreign product for Harris at home, but Harris didn’t give it. The ball wasted a large space opportunity. During the menstrual period, he had to play singles at least. At this time, Morris put down his ball one-on-one Come on.

Menstrual period is really tired ah, regular season, a ball only played 32 minutes, at this time he has played nearly 38 minutes, the Clippers’ overall defense has been maintained until the last few seconds of the game, even if the advantage has been more than six points, you see, the last ball, than Murray’s defense, no matter George’s one-on-one defense or Morris, the actual demeanor.

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The letter is the root cause

Not only thunder but also himself, the Bucks have been out in the same way for two consecutive years, and worse than last year. The first three games in the second round were 0-3, which brought great confusion to the letters and embarrassed the chest. What’s the problem? In my opinion, coach budenhower is sure.

His problem, but the letter is the root cause. He has not improved his skills in the past year. In the key playoffs campaign, the level of three-point ball is hovering and the free throw is backward. It is not like a 25-year-old player’s performance, let alone he has reached the MVP level in the regular season.

In the past six seasons, the subtitle has participated in eight playoffs. Almost every time he comes out of the round, his weakness will be targeted. He was eliminated by raptors in four straight knocks after the 2-0 East game last year. His three-point goal is 14 kinds of five. This year’s first three games against the heat are 0-3 and these three games are 43 points.

In particular, the third game that must be won is zero, which is actually the last game of the season, because after zero game, he was sentenced to death with a reprieve. In the fourth game, he was injured in the first half. The Bucks entered the fourth quarter by 12 points and was caught up by the heat when they needed letters most.

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It was reversed with a 19 point lead

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the sixth game between the Nuggets and the Clippers. After watching this game, you know that the Clippers are really in trouble. Leonard said, the Clippers just had a cold hand in the third quarter and should score a goal.

However, this game was reversed with a 19 point lead in the third quarter, but it was not entirely because the goal that should have been cold was not strong. I wrote about the weakness of the Clippers after game 5, and the Lakers all looked at it in particular. They pointed out that the defense of the Clippers was in great trouble after they entered the lineup rotation, and their original bench advantage.

Harry and Ron are no longer the original best sixth man. In the sixth round of rotation, communication is chaotic in defense. Hal and Lu Wei’s unclear positions are becoming more and more serious, which finally makes them lose the opportunity to end the series. In the first half, the Clippers seem to have a lot of money, pen, knowledge, George, and Liang, Na’s offensive is also very strong.

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