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Ariza to come back next year

This, guard position, above, er, defense, partial, rock, defense intensity is too large, under the circumstances, a light can also top, ah, 20 million is given, so, er, after all, ah, this three position, this position, you really want to take a good, you don’t pay a little price why 1000, 56 million. Basically, you can’t sign it. Ah, don’t expect. Ah, Ariza is going to run for the last big contract now. This year, he will be ready to sign a long-term contract next year. It is possible to cut a three-year contract, and the three-year contract may be 30 million or 33 million rockets. Y203fb80e7bec54e79fe1295a3d73d6574fc26a33es, I can afford it. Under the circumstance of 11 million yuan, the rocket team will have a lot of salary pressure. Ah, unless we give up, wait a minute. I think this is impossible. Gordon’s contract has basically been settled. We can go and have a look. Finally, we can verify our statement. Ah, um, because there is this project now. Er, or there is, er, Wright’s contract has been disposed of, made room for, and signed a long contract for Gordon. Ah, this contract costs 10 million yuan, more than 20 million yuan. Besides, if it is lower than 20 million watts, it will be 20 million yuan longer. After three years, 60 million yuan will be basically given.

That’s it. Let’s talk about it. It’s now, er, today’s, er, fermented Durant. Durant has been very, very upset and distressed these days. This library, um, is also against Durant. In addition to the abyss, we’ll talk about Durant in our next program.

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Gordon to play the front line

It’s for these players, but the players who can’t be trusted will never send people up. So it’s the same to play in the playoffs this year. Basically, it’s still a problem whether little rivers can play or not with a few people like caper and laga. Besides, now, there are only a few people who can use shambottak.


At most, add one more. Green can add an isolation at most. That’s almost the same line-up. So now, for the Rockets, he has to use Gordon to play the front line. In this position, I’m going to play the third position. Ah, we changed our thinking to last year. That is to play harden and Paul substitute, right? The top three of double back rotation frequently alternate two positions, right? This year, the personnel are too few to use Gordon to take the position of Fengxian. Ah, it shows that he has not recognized the players in the position of risk, so Ennis has directly eliminated them. Is Morey asked d’antony to ask him a word, then you say you want to play in the playoffs or not, right? D’Antoni, directly denied me, don’t, will not give it a chance to play directly cleared away ah, the deal is finished. So, Rocket fans should have a clear understanding of Morey’s quality than operation. You have to know that the project is not given the opportunity to deal with the front line of stele, Ennis and so on. It is so simple, whether to save money or not. This matter, ah, is unintentional. The main purpose is not to do this transaction to save money. If you think that all the transactions of Morey are to save money and help the boss save money.

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Paul George is not such an athlete

After that, Paul George.

What’s more, it’s an obvious fact that Paul George is active and changes instead of passively changing. He is forced to throw outside the three-point line when he is injured. When playing inside, his dribbling ability is limited, right. This ability is limited, even in these All-Star players, in the same position, ah, can’t compare with James, can’t compare with Durant, can’t compare with Leonard, can’t compare with anyone, can’t compare with this letter, and quembo’s position in this position is small forward. George, it can be said that this group of people in this level of athletes can be said to have the worst ability to control the ball. Is there anything worse than him, right? Can you show me if there is any worse than him? So, Paul George is not such an athlete, not such an athlete, not that he is forced to throw three points. However, he is willing to look for this shooting method. After he comes back loud, his three-point shooting rate is improving every year, and the more he throws, the more accurate he is, the more stable he tends to be. This is his active change. You have to calculate when, not from the warriors to play small balls.


At that time, it wasn’t so fast. However, Kuri was a player from the very beginning of his career. That’s how he played. And that’s his killing weapon. We’re going to talk about killing weapons. Harden’s talent is his ability to make fouls. Ah ah, the article also lists why Jordan and Kobe don’t have three-point projection ability, why they have to be suppressed and so on. They think that the more weapons they have, the more powerful they are, right? Um, the original, this, this and this. Superstars are flying in the sky, ah, because the working condition is the most efficient, so they don’t cast in the outside line

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