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the Grizzlies are more right now.

One, the answer is that the Grizzlies are more right now. Er, the only thing that needs to be done is to exchange materials or materials. I think the possibility of materials is relatively large. The possibility of exchange is very small. Why do I really blame the ball team. No, the salary space has been said to death, there is no possibility to make any transaction for you, including the Rockets, the Lakers and the Clippers. Right, these three teams are under discussion at present, right? The other teams will not discuss it, because there is no sign of any team, they will come out and say yes. And a big wave, right? So the scope of this discussion is too wide. Let’s talk about it in a small scope. Ah, it’s just that among the three teams, these teams are all competing for the championship. The salary space of the winning team has been locked, ah, it’s all dead. You can’t have this kind of action again. So the Clippers package who, who is it, and make a deal with the Grizzlies. OK, the Rockets, who are the packers, the Lakers, who are the packers, right? In the case of wage matching, there is no answer, and it’s just a playoff. In the regular season, it won’t be treated too much. So you spent 17 million to introduce the regular season.

timg (11)

Do you think it’s cost-effective to play less than 20 games and less than 30 games? Do you think it’s worth the money, right? Now we’re going to discuss the direction of a man with a big backless after he’s bought out or cut off. The Rockets, the Lakers or the Clippers. Ah, these three teams, I think the rockets and the Lakers. Yes, ahead of the Clippers

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China Men’s basketball team! American men’s basketball team! Breakthrough in learning progress

Let’s start talking about it today, focusing on the Rockets, talking and laughing. Personal view of the Rockets, on the whole, the overall strength of the Rockets is better than last year, because last year, when the Rockets were too bad, ah, really bad, compared with the 1718 rockets, much worse, 1819 season although compared with the warriors.


But you can see from the overall ability and quality of the player in the game, the quality of the team, and the confrontation between the players and the Warriors is not on the same level. It didn’t play 100%. There’s really no answer. The Rockets are going back to things. Without Durant’s injury, I think the Rockets have no chance of winning. It’s true that they don’t have a chance to survive. They just play and have a look at luck. Well, the previous programs have also said that. Again, in the new season, the Rockets replaced Wei Shao with Paul. I think it’s a relatively ideal operation. Well, it’s a very ideal operation. The previous program also said in this summer’s program, ah, what’s the benefit? I feel that it’s an internal reinforcement on the whole. Tyson Chandler, ah, outside, there is a wealth gap, plus Paul’s replacement of Wei, ah, less ah, can be said in all positions have been fully supplemented, ah, is the context and direction of building a champion team.

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Use it well!

The no fly zone ruled by him is your opponent’s small guard. You don’t want to be able to score under the basket. If you stop again, you will block out the sky. Big cap, you can see whether it is the team with the largest number of blue blocks in the league. After playing 82 games and 20 games, we can see the second one. Look, it’s Howard’s problem. We’re still talking about Howard. Howard, you go and watch Howard cooperate with the little guard of the Lakers. He has a problem. Howard’s cover is not solid, or the quality of the cover is very poor. She is, er, right, the small guard of the team.


This, outside cover, ah, only 0.5 seconds, time ah, less than half a second time, ah, has been killed to the basket, ah, a little help you block, first block, as a fake, cover, of course, this often happens in XX captain, ah, er, the cooperation between Capella and Haden is also very common. But this kind of false cover, right? But Howard did play like this for every ball, no one was serious about it, but he played very happy today. He may be, ah, this is the player. You have to understand him. So when using Howard, the small guard of the top guard must know that you need to borrow the cover of Howard Anthony Davis. Come on, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you

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Some fans say that SVP doesn’t mean anything

Curry doesn’t have an MVP. . He doesn’t have any gold content. It doesn’t matter. Ten, for example, we can’t get an MVP for a while. Two all stars are boundless. Can’t a four time scoring king, a three time scoring king, not a MVP? Can you exchange it for a championship? Is there a formula to replace it? No, no one can do such a thing or say that it is recognized by you. So when this kind of problem appears, we need to have a standard. This standard is very important. With this standard, all the problems will be relatively simple. What is the standard? This standard is Michael Jordan. Jordan is the God of basketball, all things, all players. His evaluation of history is in line with him, and he has done it with her. That’s right, because Michael Jordan, all his honors, are many, good and complete. Michael Jordan is a symbol. You know, discussion, history, in fact, these super friends must have the championship.

Youtimg (34) can’t decide which one of the three players in the history of the MVO is not qualified for you to enter the MVP list. Therefore, whether FNV P is important is of course important. Those fans who think it is not important, ah, comments, newspapers, media and magazines are all very low-level.

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This is the problem about Owen

Just like, we graduate, we say ourselves every day, we are accurate, but every time we predict the results are consistent with the facts, but you have to listen to it, right? Then our boasting is still useful, isn’t it a lie? So now Owen don’t talk about what ability can’t lead the team, he plays without belly. His own situation into the playoffs, so that reflects your personal ability, they play to the seventh and eighth are easy to say, ah, a very normal thing, can’t play the playoffs, then don’t blame the crowd for your sarcasm, OK, let’s put forward the question of the last issue of the program, ah, about Owen, actually we.

timg (8)

This is the problem about Owen. When a team, or a weak team, now the nets is a weak team, there is a super scorer and it is the only super score. Breaking up is beneficial or hindering for the construction of a team. It is not harmful but beneficial. The obstacle is which one is simpler. This question is not easy to answer. If it is easy to answer, we will not raise it in the program, so friends of the masses and audience can think and answer again and again. In the next program, we will talk about the loss of the Lakers. I believe that in the near future, ah, within two weeks or a week, some media will begin to discuss the issue of the two towers

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Super scorer

A netizen asked if aitleyang could win the scoring king in the East. Bean Owen’s position in the East, then we said, oh, it’s possible, everything is possible. It’s just a matter of probability. As we said before, Owen is likely to win this year’s scoring king. The only uncertain factor lies in the hands of harden in the West. If Hadden throws it like this for a long time, oh, he always throws it like this, then Owen’s scoring ability is sure. There is a gap with harden. First of all, Haden’s unshakable position in the team is determined by the rules of playing. If he has to throw his hands wildly, he can’t shake his hands. Then Owen is the same over there. It’s also the unshakable opposition position. So whether Owen and his sheep are going to stir the ball depends on them.


Want to, don’t want to play, the playoffs, ah, if you don’t want to play the playoffs, then you will be crazy. If you want to play the playoffs, you have to think of him as playing now, playing in the second year. If you can win the eastern scoring shortage, then Owen’s horizontal market is nearly 30, if he can play a grass to 2829. Even, delete, Owen Oh, this player is fantastic

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Beverly also exploded 16 rebounds

Today, Beverly also exploded 16 rebounds. I didn’t get it wrong. Old horse exploded and killed Walker in seconds. It’s just like this. Obviously, we said that in this game, I’m not used to it. I believe, most of the players don’t adapt to it. Beverly’s defense is not benefit, not shadow Beverly, right? Well, if you play in the playoffs, these experienced players, right? They can often meet, right? There are enough players with technical experience. I believe they can deal with Beverly’s defense, but when it comes to this. It’s very difficult for Williams to deal with the super star team. It’s very difficult for us to play the fast ship for Williams first.timg (11)


Williams is a player, you don’t have to go. Whatever it is, his projection on the court is not controlled by you. Unless you long ball, it’s true that double team, right? But there’s no need for it. For a lifetime, Li right? For eluvia’s fans, you can double bag superstar treatment, right? This player is him. Well, the victory or the percentage of hits depends on it. She throws it by herself without your influence. How to restrain it? He just beats him down. Don’t let him have too much time on the court, and you will have won. Right? It’s very simple to fight him for who is on the road and who is not. You don’t understand. Well, at the end of the day, we have to say, ah, right? No matter the victory or defeat, it should not be the playoff match. It’s possible to play around until the finals. So don’t worry too much about a game, but you should see your own problems clearly. The problem he wants to discuss is very obvious and also very clear. It’s a cat. The team of souls, ah, er, needs someone who can take on even Owen’s flag, even a thief, Maas’s flag, this thief max, you say that you can find the main attack point in the Celtic team, right, Jerome Brown Tatum.

Three players average 19 points, 20 points and 21 points per game. You have to add a Hayward, and you can’t see which player is the absolute core of the team, right? Since you want to make clear this point, you should give him unlimited right to fire and let him become the leader of the team.

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Peter must be the one who dominates

I can tell you responsibly that, I think, I personally think that the first goal of the 76ers and bucks, if the jump ball is successful, well, Peter must be the one who dominates the first ball. You can see his absolute position in the team. The core position.


This player, ah, is one of the few players in the league, whose skills are relatively comprehensive and whose characteristics are quite distinct. A professor in the West and an NBA player in the East are relatively comprehensive. Moreover, the NBA players will also shoot three points. The oral ability also has the inside line creation, the kill, the ability, the inside line creates the kill, the ability, is very, important, very, the important, why does the opponent want, the big center, Liu Zhenying’s fifth position is to give, the Nb preparation, otherwise also does not need so many big brother’s player to come up to play the death, the fifth elementary school conforms to the trend of the times. I didn’t say that the 76ers are losing two games in a row at home. I think, ah, it’s these teams with big centers. You can’t sleep. This season can be very high.

Your state, ah, his big action center’s team has great physical strength, can play, consume, recover and make up for the special, slow ah, so his record will not be very good, compared to the west side, the Laker team I am also more surprised, ah, I think that the Lakers can play to the first in the west, I also think the record is very poor.

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Guardiola’s next coaching spot emerges! The TA pointed out personally

Guardiola is one of the best coaches in football today. His future has attracted people’s attention. Now, his teaching assistant has elaborated on it. Este arte, assistant coach of Guardiola, said that he was from Italy. I can say that Guardiola is in Italy.

Serie A is also gradually recovering from the trough, but he did not set a timetable for where to teach. When Guardiola began to coach, his idea was to coach in the League of Spain, Germany, England, Italy and the four countries. I am not saying that this situation must happen, but why not.

2019 MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard

Guardiola’s plan, Guardiola has been in Spain, Germany, England, coach and have led the team to achieve good results, now Manchester city suffered a European ban, although the future of hanging up caused outside speculation.

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Spanish Prime Minister confirmed that La Liga can be restarted from June 8

Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed that La Liga can be restarted this week from June 8, and Sanchez’s speech at the palace of moncroia said Spain has done what it should do. Now for all, a new horizon is opening up a lot of daily life recovery.

nhl top playrer 07

The time has come. From June 8, the La Liga, which will return to Football League, can be reopened from June 8. With all the necessary health measures and safety conditions in place, the ball will roll again. Although June 8 is the theoretical earliest date to resume the game, it is Monday.

It remains to be seen exactly when the second round will take place, and it will have to wait until the weekend a few years later.

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