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What interesting paintings are there?

When it comes to oil painting, we must talk about the painters who paint oil! Because the painters give oil painting life and inject soul!

Bruegel Pieter, the greatest painter of the 16th century, is mainly a peasant painter. He likes exaggerated artistic modeling. When you watch his paintings, you will feel personally involved or talk with the characters in the paintings. He has a strong resonance with people!


Bruegel inherited the mystery and satire of Bosch, a Dutch painter. Absurd, and symbolic. Watching his paintings, you will be attracted by the stories in the paintings. Silence is better than sound!

After reading the macro aspect, we must see the details in his painting.

If you have the conditions, you can zoom in to see the dynamic characters inside, no – no – time moved, of course, while moving, the painter left countless colored eggs to satirize current events!

If you are the fast ship GM: rebuild the star policy? Or economic route?

Last season’s clippers didn’t perform badly. Lu Williams’ performance was amazing. Without Griffin, they could play well. At one time, they had playoffs. The 42-40 record was enough to satisfy the fans.

But after Paul, Griffin and Jordan left the team, the Clippers had no traces of the past, and now they are a brand new team.



Post Paul era, a new clipper

Although west only got a consulting position with clippers, we all know that the Clippers’ trading operations have been related to him since last season. After West’s accession, clipper’s fierce decision-making has a positive impact on the team: after Paul left, Griffin, who has won the top salary and a long contract, is constantly proving that he is overvalued, while choosing to send the newly renewed team’s core on the trading day of last season has reduced the star flavor of clipper, but it has also given clipper a more fresh lineup and a wider future To develop space.

I think the optimization of the decision-making management is the foundation of the reconstruction of the clippers, and I think the Clippers will not be reduced to the bottom bad team. With Ballmer’s accession and Paul’s departure, the clipper has split the management’s power and is no longer the “one word” of rivers in the past.

Great hope for new aid in attack and defense

Yakubu Flana. Last season he stayed full-time, scoring 24 goals and scoring a career high of 47 points. If he can partner with Kuznetsov next season, his goal is likely to exceed 30. Although frana is not very involved in the forced play, his threat when he is equal in number is quite great. He is second only to ovichkin in in the team after scoring 23 goals.

641 (2)

Initial forecast


Alex oviczkin, Eugene Kuznetsov, Tom Wilson

Yakubu frana, Nicholas bechteren, TJ O’Shea

Karl haglin, Lars eller, Richard Panik

Brendan lepsich, Nick Dodd, Garnett Hathaway


Michael campney, John Carlson

Dimitri Orlov, Nick Jansen

Jonas slagensale, radco gudas


Braden Holtby, Phoenix Copley

Reports on Major League Baseball

John Fahey, President of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), said on Monday that MLB still refuses to implement strict and transparent drug testing measures, which is “misleading” the public.

Fay said that the integrity of the event will be questioned eventually, and fans will express their dissatisfaction by refusing to attend the game. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has criticized MLB for its inadequate drug control measures.

“I think in the end, the integrity of the sport will be questioned, in which case they will have to think about the future of the event,” Fay said in an interview with the associated press.

“The public doesn’t like to be hoodwinked, and they will take corresponding measures,” Fay said. “If you invite me to the game, will I focus on who has the best chemist? You won’t pay attention. ”

Rob Manfred, executive vice president of labor relations at the baseball league, did not comment on this view.

In March 2010, Fay asked MLB and its affiliates to begin testing for human growth hormone (hGH). Last month, the baseball league announced that its small league players would be required to have hGH blood tests, but the effectiveness of the program has been questioned.

Canadian women’s Hockey Club Alliance dissolved

The Canadian women’s Hockey League is a non-profit organization that has been in operation for 12 years.

Canada is the country of ice hockey, which can be called Canada’s national ball. Male professional ice hockey club star player annual salary over 10 million, advertising and sponsorship income is also considerable.


But this fame and wealth is only limited to men’s ice hockey players. Women’s ice hockey players, not to mention the high salary, can’t even get the income of the middle-class working class. Now there is the problem that the Canadian women’s Ice Hockey League has to be dissolved due to economic difficulties.

Analysts believe that both the North American professional hockey club league and the American women’s Hockey Club League are interested in taking over several women’s hockey club teams in Canada.

In recent years, many Canadian women’s ice hockey players have expressed that they should establish a unified North American women’s Ice Hockey Club League like men’s ice hockey to conduct cycling and championship matches every year, so as to push women’s ice hockey to a new height of normalization.

What kind of sport do you think baseball is?

Baseball (and softball, maybe even cricket) is a strange sport.

The ball is in the hands of the defenders. The attackers have only a few times or no chance to touch the ball in each round. It’s hard to get the chance to attack

To be chased around by the defenders.

It’s a group project, but everyone has to have 1v1 or even 1vn with each other.

One third of the strike rate is a good hitter. What is the level of a footballer who can play exactly once every three or four feet?

Professional starters, no matter how big they are, can take four or five days off to play after a few innings.


But baseball is also a very interesting sport.

The seemingly complex rules and one by one Supplementary Clauses reflect the accumulation of history, and the competitors need to pass through the complicated boundaries

Discover safe areas and shortcuts.

Tall, short, fat and thin can find their own characters. Short board not too obvious, do your own role, you may become a hero.

There are many kinds of variety events (wiffle ball, base… Etc.) that can make people play from up to 99 to just walking.

MLB authentic / original disclosure

1. About color and label: the color of the original is whiter than that of the original. The original is beige, and the color difference is obvious. The label of the original is rectangular, and the label of the original is closer to the square. The text of the label is not too different

2. About the size: there is no obvious difference between the original and the original, but the shoulder position can be seen as a big difference. The original shoulder position is wider, the boyfriend style is more obvious, and the original single shoulder position is narrower.


3. About the design: NY genuine design color relief feeling is not as strong as the original single, the purple and green part of the genuine will be lighter

4. About details: there is a small TM under NY’s logo. The authentic one is clear and the original one is fuzzy

5. About the back: the original pattern is lighter, the pattern is bigger, the relief is smaller, the original one is darker, the pattern is smaller, the relief is larger

The original MLB is the same as above.

Can a small team pick a superstar to rise?

Choosing?will certainly bring a strong bonus to the team, which is equivalent to signing a high-quality labor force with a price far lower than the market price. Especially those top phenomenal rookies can push the team to a new height. But choosing a good rookie is not everything. How to keep these rookies is the most important thing, but the reality is that thu=3729128571,771662312&fm=26&gp=0ere are not many teams that can do it.


I made a statistic: among the rookies in 2000-2015 (not counting the players after the 15th, because some of them haven’t officially entered the free player market), 82 all stars have been produced, but only 16 of them stay in the team, and the probability of staying in the team is only 20%. (Michael Reid, Tony Parker and Brandon Roy, who only played a season in other teams before retiring, are included in the list) and the real probability of staying in the team should be reduced in the future, because many players have not retired yet and their career has not been determined. Some new generation stars just signed their second contracts, which is likely to happen in the future There will be a transfer.

Detailed explanation of the world’s five major leagues

The first place is finally the time to introduce the first place. Perhaps the first place is the most uncontested. This alliance was founded in 1917. And there is no alliance to contend with. How can we say that he is strong? Maybe you can give a lot of arguments at will. First of all, almost all professional hockey players abroad will regard NHL as the most important stop in their career.


The NHL is arguably the most lucrative channel, with the best media exposure and access to the Stanley cup, the world’s ultimate, highest honor award for ice hockey. It’s the dream of all hockey people to hold her up. Thirty one teams make up the NHL. It is larger and deeper than KHL. Although many people think that NHL is an alliance with North America and cannot represent the world, the impact of NHL on people around the world and its huge influence are beyond the reach of all other alliances.

proxime accessit

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) of Russia is recognized as the second professional hockey league in the world. And KHL is the best hockey league in Europe. Most of the players in the league are from Russia. Since the establishment of KHL in 2008, the league now has six districts and 24 teams. A total of 16 teams can enter the playoffs from the regular season. KHL’s resume model is very similar to NHL’s.

The final championship is known as the Gagarin cup. One of the interesting things about KHL is his diversity. There are 701 players in the 24 teams, each from 14 countries. So he is the second best league in the world after the NHL League.

Inverted oil painting

Our restaurant is next to the Academy of fine arts. Teachers and students often come to the restaurant for dinner. My father is a very good cook. He doesn’t know art, but he respects the people who do it.

There seem to be only two kinds of painters in my father’s eyes: one is successful, the other is talented. Successful painters often treat guests, save a sum of money in advance in the restaurant, and leave after dinner; talented painters like to credit, occasionally pay off part of the bill, and then continue to credit.

Chen is a painter with no talent. One day, after Chen finished eating, he asked his father to borrow money. He said his mother was critically ill and he was eager to see her for the last time. His father gave him the money for the ticket without even thinking about it. He asked him to take a taxi to the airport immediately, and never leave it for life. After a month, Chen returned to the restaurant for dinner. He is very grateful to his father. He must give him a picture. Father points to the wall of the restaurant.


“You see, many students who have difficulties are paying for it by painting. The most important thing I need here is painting. Don’t worry about the past, just come to dinner

Chen earnestly said: “this painting is not to pay off, but to repay. When I accompany my mother and watch her breathe, the most grateful person is you. You didn’t leave me a lifelong regret. I really didn’t know how to express my feelings, so I drew this oil painting. You must take it, otherwise

After all, his father could not bear to brush Chen’s kindness, so he took the painting home. This is an abstract oil painting. There are several large color blocks with different depths and shapes. As the living room and bedroom walls are decorated, father hung the painting in the toilet. So our family can enjoy the painting when they go to the toilet.