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Paul sinick: creating stippling school with Shura

Died on August 15, 1935

Paul sinick is one of the founders of French New Impressionism and stippling school. His works are mainly landscape paintings.

San Carlo

In fact, he studied architecture in his early years, and then transferred to painting. At first, he was influenced by Monet, and even because of his worship, he wrote to him in the hope that Monet could ask for some advice, but he was rejected.

Rejected, no problem, he began to independently draw impressionist style oil paintings. However, at the exhibition of “independent Salon” in 1884, when he saw Shura’s oil paintings, he was immediately attracted by the unique use of color in Shura’s oil paintings, thus starting his communication with Shura and the study of stippling.


After making friends with Seurat, he began to accept the theory of new Impressionism, and became the backbone of the movement. This small group gathered a group of talented and determined young partners, such as Pissarro, clos and so on. Slowly, the unpopular stippling school gradually became the climate.

Paul sinick is a fanatic who is absorbed in painting, science, literature and politics. Together with Seurat, he invented the technique of point drawing, which arranges or interlaces the small color points of the primary color, so that the audience’s eyes can find the effect of color matching, and the picture is like a mosaic with rich colors.

The characteristics of Lengjun’s oil painting

Leng Jun is the representative of Chinese super realism oil painting. But his super realism is not the traditional super realism. It is arbitrary to attribute his works to traditional realism or super realism. He himself more agreed with the Japanese painting circles that his works were beyond the limits of painting (a kind of extreme painting way beyond the performance range of oil painting materials themselves).


Leng Jun’s works not only use the direct drawing method, but also retain the painting quality of his works, and add new modern ideas. From his works, we can not only see the delicate texture and real color of the picture, but also read out the emotions that everyone can understand from his works. Leng Jun commented on his works and said: my works are very popular and my words are not so profound, but they are rich and have a lot of content. Leng Jun’s works bring strong spiritual and visual impact to the audience in terms of subject content, technical performance and ideological and emotional aspects. Whether it’s his oil painting series “world scenery” or the rusty copier technology, they are showing people that the reality of the naked eye can’t be achieved by any machine without dispute.

Leng Jun’s works can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the first half of the last century. His representative works include the design of the Internet, the design of new cultural relics, the landscape of the century and the five pointed star. The second stage is in the late 1990s, with representative works such as “soup with sudden change and thorns”, “saw” and “qiangpao”. The third stage is to return to the original painting, which is represented by the series of portraits and bamboo works in recent years.

Xi Murong’s oil paintings

Deep in Lotus

In order to plant lotus, I have to buy several big water tanks first. This is easy to do. There is a large-scale hardware store on Longtan street. They have all kinds of sizes, and they are willing to send them home for me.

However, if you want the lotus to grow well, you have to dig the black mud in the ditch and put it in the VAT. You have to do it yourself.

And I’ve never done anything like that. Living in the countryside, I don’t have never seen the ditch beside me. The black mud with bubbles will make my scalp numb at a glance. The smell is even worse. I usually walk faster. What should I do this time?


In the past, I would push my husband to do such difficult things, but in those days, he just went abroad, and the seedlings have been taken home, and then dragged on, I’m afraid that this season will not be viable.

So I had to put on my rain shoes, put on my gloves, hold my breath, insert the shovel into the deep black mud, and then shovel another shovel, and start to put it in the tank. When it is one third of the thickness, I will carry it to my yard.

Mrs. Jiang is my good neighbor. I can’t see her. She will help me. The sun was so big that we two worked together to carry the black mud tank home. The mud was shaking at the bottom of the tank, making a terrible sound and smell. I’m sweaty, but I’m smiling when I look up. I think people will not understand such a mess. People who love clean as usual are crazy today. They move all the black mud into their homes.

Really, there are a lot of things that can only be done by going crazy.

How to evaluate the opening game of NFL 17-18 against the Emirates?

A day of exaltation for my chief! The last time the chieftain rubbed the Patriots on the ground was on September 29, 2014. Brady was intercepted twice in the whole match. When he tried to intercept and attack back, he was easily knocked down by Justin Houston, and goat was lying on the ground with an expression of love. Finally, he lost 14-41. Today, I can see from the game that the two teams started to work in the second half of the game. Patriots added a u=3209336237,3034615891&fm=26&gp=0lot of new players, micro earthquake day Edelman match, bulldozer Bronte also left, offensive firepower was much weaker.


Of course, this is not much for the Patriots. Manager Billy cheick is good at turning corruption into magic. He has proper on-the-spot scheduling and ball right distribution. The overall attack in the first half was very stable. However, the patriot’s attack is not at its own pace! What is the rhythm of patriots? Running attack and Brady’s quick shot within 5 seconds. In this game, especially in the first half, Brady often stands in the post after attacking the front line to find the target. This stop is more than 5 seconds, even basic footstep movement is not needed. The last time I saw such a situation, it was Tony Romo, the current CBS commentator, who was playing. This is not because the Patriots attack the frontline to protect how good, but the chief gave up the most proud of the pass tactics. Most of the time, the chieftain only arranges 3 people to cross, and the remaining 8 people cover 5 targets of patriot in the backcourt defense. Although Brady is relaxed and comfortable under the protection, it doesn’t make sense.

Vermeer’s post reading 10 articles

The hat of Vermeer is a hardcover book published by Bu Zhengmin and Hunan people ‘.

After reading “the hat of V1P32H15202-2455-0ermeer” (1): blue and white, silver and black felt hat: Legend in seven oil paintings

In recent years, some Western Sinologists’ works have been introduced to China one after another. They not only provide us with a new perspective to examine history, but also let us appreciate a new way to write history.


However, unlike the grand narratives of historical writing that we are familiar with in the past, western scholars prefer to focus their attention on the details of history, starting with an event or a thing and analyzing it layer by layer, so as to restore the whole complex historical picture behind these nodes. Therefore, when reading the works of these scholars, they often give us a kind of pleasure like reasoning and decryption, which enables us to gradually explore the unknown world situation of that era thousands of years ago under the guidance of the author.

Among many Western sinologists, Canadian scholar Bu Zhengmin has been familiar to many readers at home and abroad. Harvard history of China, edited by him, is known as the “golden standard of multi volume Chinese history”, and has become the teaching material of Chinese history designated by dozens of world-famous universities such as the University of Chicago and Cornell University. His book, the perplexity of pleasure, is called the model of overseas study of Ming history. By collecting and quoting various rich and unknown materials, it shows the vigorous business and culture of Ming Dynasty. This time, bu Zhengmin extended his research tentacles to the 17th century maritime trade, and showed us the legendary history 400 years ago at the beginning of globalization with a “vimil’s hat”.

Yungang’s smile (2): the Mona Lisa in the East

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” smile opened the door of Renaissance in Europe. For the first time, the characters in the painting changed from gods to human beings. It extols the secular life and expresses the beauty of human nature. “Human nature is against divinity, and human rights against divinity.” This is the important thought of the Renaissance. The Venus of Urbino, a late Italian Renaissance work known as “the father of Western oil painting”, combines the plump, natural and soft beauty of women’s body with strong family interest with an astonishing paintbrush. It is the beauty of human body and human nature that is publicized everywhere, so that Mark Twain still can’t accept it hundreds of years later. The “Mona Lisa’s smile” has enjoyed a high reputation for hundreds of years. It is regarded as a model. It is a flag of the European Renaissance, a flag that sings about the beauty of human nature. The Mona Lisa’s eyes that are insightful and all inclusive, the mysterious smile is frightening, just like the broken arm Venus for hundreds of years. Undoubtedly, Mona Lisa is beautiful. Her beauty is fully reflected in the beauty of human nature, not limited to female characteristics. In other words, her beauty has transcended the gender barrier. In the ancient East, there are countless adorable mysterious faces, that is, the smile of Yungang, which enjoys the reputation of “Mona Lisa”. Although the Yungang Grottoes have experienced thousands of years of wind and frost, they still spread the Oriental mysterious smile to the world.


Yungang Grottoes are magnificent and colorful, which can be regarded as the top of Chinese stone carving art in the 5th century AD and the treasure house of ancient Chinese carving art. In the early, middle and late periods, the styles of Grottoes in different periods also have their own characteristics. The early “tanyao five Grottoes” is magnificent and has a strong and simple western region sentiment. In the middle period, the grottoes are famous for their fine carving and gorgeous decoration, showing the complicated and varied artistic style of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Although the scale of the late Grottoes is small, the figures are thin and handsome, and the proportion is moderate. It is an example of the grottoes art in northern China and the origin of “thin bones and clear images”. A variety of Buddhist art statues have achieved unprecedented integration in Yungang Grottoes. However, it is Yungang’s smile that fascinates me most.

How to evaluate the match between cardinals and Green Bay Packers in the semi-finals of the NFL?

It’s a good game with twists and turns. It’s wonderful

1. Palmer, the old top talent show, finally came out a little bit in red bird. But today, in the playoffs, it’s obviously a little bit of emulsion. Of course, red bird’s CK hurt and running doesn’t put a lot of pressure on him, but when he came to the red zone, it was really shocking. At last, that TD rebounded and was caught by his own people instead of being hit by int was lucky. But other times, it’s the key to withstand the pressure. Today, it’s also the first time for Palmer to win in the playoffs.

2. Long Ge of Green Bay doesn’t mention that the last two long balls, including a black Mary, are full of enthusiasm. Lvwan’s level has declined this year, and he reimburses the first WR this season Nelson, it’s possible for brother long to do everything. Should we take the red bird to be beaten up again after the TD? Three The red bird coach made some mistakes today. For example, when he didn’t run and choose to pass the ball, he gave LV Wan nearly 30 seconds. The last black Mary sent so many people to bliz. It’s debatable, but he has a strong ability to build the team. Whether he can bring the red bird to such a strong level step by step or a good man?

3. Finally, let’s talk about Fitzgerald. It can be said that the red bird has made great progress in several years Attack, several key 3rd downs, including the long-distance rush at the time when red bird’s morale was at its lowest in extra time, 32 years old was less than the TD of sb at that time, but it still completed the incredible advance by skillful Dodge, and then completed the ultimate strike. Hope this great WR can have a ring retired.

What is the development direction of children who learn ice hockey?

I’m just a hockey fan, not a hockey professional, and I can’t offer constructive suggestions. Now China also has its own professional ice hockey team. Although most of the team are foreign or Chinese players, it is possible that Kunlun Hongxing first team will be all Chinese players ten or twenty years later. Moreover, with the development of the national economic strength, ice hockey, a kind of sports without publicity, will not be popular as long as the national publicity is strong enough. I think it’s OK There must be a day to shine. But in the professional competition, I think the previous news seems that the salary is not too high. It’s only tens of thousands a month, which is a little less than other sports.


But this is also a way. After all, there are fewer children playing ice hockey, and there will be fewer to stick to in the future. If we stick to it until the end, maybe we will become China’s ice hockey star. But playing professional games sounds very insecure in China. As far as I know, I have the chance to apply for the scholarship of athletes from American universities when I play hockey all the way to high school. Although I don’t know enough about it, I know that I can apply to American universities when I play hockey. You can go to an overseas institution to ask the children how to operate first, but there are few domestic institutions in charge of this, but you can ask first, such as If children can learn and play with talent, it is not a bad choice to go to a famous school in the United States by ice hockey.

For class clothes, which of the four equipment (screen printing, direct spraying, heat sublimation printing, heat transfer printing) is the best choice?

No one is a priority. For your design, there is the most appropriate printing scheme. Class clothes, basically can be defined in about 30 / 50 pieces. I haven’t met more than 100 uniforms. First of all, we scored clearly, what is the matter with these four printing methods. Screen printing is realized by screen plate making and coating printing. No difference in the fabric to adapt to, cotton, polyester, mesh quick drying cloth, Polo bead cloth, Terry fleece cloth can be. The coating is printed on the clothes through the screen holes of the screen plate making by the scraper, regardless of the color of the undershirt. However, there is a plate making cost in screen printing, so when your color is complex, the plate making cost is relatively high. In the same way, when printing with spot color printing, that is, one color one version, the printing price is also high. You can refer to the T-shirt printing on the market, no one’s home is screen printed with a lot of colors.


The saturation of screen printing is the highest among the four ways, and it can also play with many unique printing processes. For example, the yellow part can be made into gold.

If you do digital direct spray. It’s fine too. But the color saturation of digital direct spraying is not so high.

Note that there is a virtual transition on the edge. This kind of precision, make shift clothing, screen printing has no advantage, even for four-color printing, the cost is also high.

What is the difference between MLB Cody Bellinger and MLB Mike trout in 2019?

The question is not clear, if you ask two players. Trout was born in 1991, with 8 full seasons. In the first season, he played 40 games and 135 seats. In the 17th season, he was reimbursed after more than 100 games. In general, MVP rarely played the first two games. The attack, defense and base running are all top-notch, heading for goat. Beibei, born in 1995, has three full seasons. In the first two seasons, he has a strike rate of more than 0.26, about 150 times by K150. Although he is not a big blind cannon of the type of K200, he does not choose the ball very well. In the 19th season, he played very well, especially in the last few months, he even maintained nearly 40% of the strike rate. Forget where to look. The player said: I was with Kim schmidt for 13 years (the second MVP in the League of nations, 0.302avg, 36hr, 125rbi) and I saw Donald Sen’s performance (the MVP in the League of America, 0.297avg, 41hr, 123rbi in 15 years). They are all excellent, but trout is different from them. Ordinary players may have excellent performances in some games, but trout is the same in every game. Of course, if we only talk about the 19 season, it can be compared. I like both of them. I hope that the trout will last for 10 years and Beibei will become a player of the same level as trout.


Trout has eight full seasons from 12 to 19, each with MVP performance.

Bellinger was only last year.