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Application of oil painting in souvenir design

The artistic language of oil painting is unique and diverse because of its material characteristics. Or gorgeous warm or quiet gray light color, or unrestrained or delicate and calm brushwork, or heavy accumulation or understatement of texture, or realistic or abstract plastic art language emotion. Emotion is people’s intuitive psychological response to the external expression, and oil painting color emotion is no exception. Color is the emotional expression carrier of oil painting. Through the expression of color, you can express your psychological feelings to the audience, which is very important for the expression of any thing’s artistic feelings. In their works, artists express their psychological ideas incisively and vividly. At the same time, they are also exploring the language of oil painting or other ways of expression. The artistic language of oil painting is multifaceted. The west is the birthplace of oil painting. Therefore, the language of oil painting originated from the west is more abundant. To understand and study the language of oil painting, the way to “enter” the west is undoubtedly the way of thinking and “enter” the master. It includes form, color, stroke, texture, texture, composition, composition, etc. Different regions and countries have different oil painting languages. Each region and country creates according to social background, national temperament and cultural belief. Because of different regions, there are differences in painting skills, artistic forms and aesthetic standards of oil painting, and different deep exploration has been made in oil painting language.



Why does MLB play so many games a year?

Any professional sport wants to play as many games as possible, because in theory, playing more games makes more money. Just because baseball has the characteristics of throwing, Fielding, attacking and defending separately, the players’ bodies can endure a season of up to half a year. The same team of 40 players can play 120 games or 162 games. If you are the boss, how many games will you let them play?

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The so-called star player in baseball is not the same as the star player in NBA. American and Japanese baseball fans are more loyal to the team itself, and the team starts with 9-10 players. There will be differences between one star and five stars, but the differences may not be so big. Most baseball players are still focused on combat power, and star charm is the second. In addition, if the star is a pitcher, it’s impossible to see it on the field. Even the backup pitcher plays five times a week, which is a lot. The first start is to take the strategy of “one shot, one rest and four”. Usually the deep pocket team can find a way to find “three pillars” or even “four King Kong” to carry most of the first start, but the fans are not necessarily because today’s first start is a star. When it comes to rotation, in fact, as long as he is healthy, the physical strength reserve of the fielder in spring training is generally enough for him to play 162 games, so there is usually no rotation problem. Most of the rest will be due to injury / poor performance. Baseball fans don’t like the team to put a star in a bad condition on the court to “hurt and play the line”. They prefer to see him take a rest. And baseball is rarely like LBJ, the brother of the waves who can dominate the game (maybe one or two in decades), so even if the rotation, the negative effect is not as big as basketball.

How do you think that by the end of the 26th, the number of U.S. single day increases by more than ten thousand for three consecutive days?

The governor of New York State said: the self-healing rate of the new crown virus is as high as 80%. Don’t worry about the virus. The question is, even if 80% of the people really don’t care about anything, what about the remaining 20%? Under the epidemic, they have to account for the economy. Capital is greater than human life, which is the essence of capitalism. How many years, never changed. There are also experts in the United States who have calculated that the United States may infect tens of millions of people. According to the 3% mortality rate, the death toll is at least several hundred thousand. If the whole country were to be infected once, the death toll would exceed ten million. Then, it doesn’t matter. Because most people who die are not elites. In the history of Europe and the United States, many plagues were left to the bottom people, and the nobles hid to continue to enjoy themselves. In Poe’s novels the masquerade of red death and the plague king, the nobles hide in the castle and continue to die, while the people in the isolation area are waiting for death. It’s not fiction. When Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed Louisiana and Mississippi, all the elites were able to run. Ordinary people suffered heavy casualties and were displaced. The elites didn’t pay much attention.


76 people and NHL devils staff will be temporarily reduced by 20%

March 24 – Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils employees will receive a temporary 20% pay cut from April 15 to the end of June, according to Marc Stein. Team management is also required to participate in the program, but not forced.

The provisional measure by the 76ers and devils aims to avoid layoffs, which will not reduce the health or 401k benefits of the team’s employees, according to people familiar with the matter.

It is reported that brand, general manager of the 76ers, Reynolds, President of the devil team, heck, President of the 76ers, and Scott O’Neill, chief executive of Harris Blitzer sports entertainment (the owners of the two teams), have agreed to participate in the plan.

It is worth mentioning that this measure does not include players, because players are a separate category. The league has promised to pay the players on April 1 as usual, but has not promised to continue to pay on April 15, because the contract contains a “force majeure” clause that can be invoked in case of emergency.


If there is no painting or calligraphy at home, it must be a vulgar family

Calligraphy and painting are elegant art appreciation products. Indoor hanging calligraphy and painting works of art can not only optimize the indoor environment, render the artistic atmosphere, expand the vision, add the indoor aesthetic feeling, but also cultivate the sentiment, delight the body and mind, contact the friendship, so that the owner of the room can be satisfied from the visual, psychological and emotional aspects. Hanging calligraphy and painting also has knowledge. The article intends to elaborate the matters that should be paid attention to from eight aspects.

Elegant living environment, art decoration is indispensable. It has a long history in our country to hang calligraphy and painting in living room. In the long feudal society, from emperors and generals to common people, all the people with better living conditions have calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall in their respective rooms according to their own cultural taste and hobbies. Since the birth of new China, due to the improvement of people’s cultural level, hanging calligraphy and painting in living room, study and bedroom has become a common cultural atmosphere.

Multi shape combo frame 7-400x400

“Calligraphy and painting is the soul of interior soft decoration. It is the spirit of the owner’s deep thinking, the beating notes and the focus of vision.” However, the hanging of calligraphy and painting in the living room is particular. There has been a problem of hanging Chinese painting since ancient times. Hang a picture, use a picture. A decent painting, hanging in your own room can cultivate your mood, reduce fatigue; hanging in the office can be comfortable space, stimulate ideas. Therefore, the choice of hanging place is very important. Where paintings hang is also a science. Whether the height of the space is appropriate, whether the selection of light is reasonable, whether the color matching is coordinated, whether the selection of materials is accurate, whether the number of calligraphy and painting is appropriate, and whether it is in line with the arrangement of indoor environment and space will affect the effect of hanging paintings. How on earth can hanging calligraphy and painting show the charm and appeal of calligraphy and painting? This is a question worth pondering. The author makes a summary of eight aspects of the matters that should be paid attention to when hanging the calligraphy and painting in the room, hoping that the readers can get enlightenment from it in the future.

What kind of League is KHL?

Kunlun Hongxing just finished this season’s postseason journey, at this time the best answer, but I hope you start the new season in September to pay attention to this team! In a word, KHL is the second ice hockey league in the world. Except for the NHL level in North America, the rest of the league can’t be compared with KHL in terms of size, team number and coverage. So it’s more abstract. Specifically, the full name of KHL is continental ice hockey league. This continent refers to the whole Eurasian continent, because this league is a big league with four divisions, 29 teams and eight national teams in a wide range from Helsinki in the west to Vladivostok in Russia in the East. Its southernmost home is Beijing, where it joined last season.


From the player’s point of view, KHL should be a major player to deliver players to the NHL team, mainly some excellent players such as Russia and Finland (North American players are mainly from AHL who OHL and the university system team) the Russian players we are familiar with, those who are now the most influential players in NHL, are basically from KHL (KHL team Russia accounts for 22 teams), Malkin, ovichekin, trashenko, panalin and so on. Historically, the League was formerly known as the Russian Super League (RSL). At the beginning of 2008, 21 Russian teams and one team from Belarus, Latvia and Kazakhstan joined. After nearly a decade of changes, now has joined Croatia, Finland, Slovakia, China’s team, Beijing Kunlun Hongxing is the league’s latest team to enter the 29th. In the future, the ambitious KHL will actively seek to join the team. In June 2012, the League proposed a Super League plan to expand KHL to cover 22 countries and 64 teams. But it wasn’t long before the alliance gave up on the idea, because the logistics couldn’t keep up with the big plan. The League then clarified its intention to accommodate up to 32 teams. The main direction of expansion is northern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia.

What do you mean on the baseball data board?

1. Paxton’s 2019 regular season is six defeats, not five. (so I always think it’s wrong) 2. Paxton’s self accusation score in 2019 regular season is indeed 64 points. If the word “about” is removed, the detailed data about Paxton can be viewed on his personal homepage page of MLB. 3. K / BB is the ratio of three vibrations to four failures. Last night, I thought about it and decided to change the original description. The higher the ratio, the better the pitcher is at dealing with the opponent with three strikes. That should be the reflection of K / 9. Three strikes and four breaks are more important than pitcher’s ability to control the ball.


??1?? Starts: the number of starts, which is used to measure the number of starts of the Pitcher (SP). Generally speaking, during the regular season, the team will arrange five people to start the rotation. In 162 regular season games, an average pitcher needs about 30 starts. But in fact, in view of the continuous multi day operations that may occur in the competition schedule, coaches usually arrange bullpen days (all backup pitchers come on stage) in occasional days to reduce the burden of starters. Therefore, as long as the starter can maintain more than 25 starts, it means that he has gained the trust of the coaching staff and his health is basically healthy.

2?? Record: the game. On the surface, record means record, but in this case, it refers to the pitcher’s winning and losing games. This term doesn’t include starter pitcher and backup pitcher. Paxton’s current record is 15 wins and 5 losses. Maybe the subject owner doesn’t understand what winning throw and losing throw are. Let me explain again. A pitcher’s record is made up of three parts, winning, losing and irrelevant. Irrelevant wins and losses will not be directly displayed on the basic data, but it is very good to calculate. Irrelevant win / loss = match times – winning vote – losing vote.

Curie even has such a beautiful sister’s skills, ranking third among American high school students

The first time I saw this girl, I was amazed by her beauty. Dale Curie, Curie’s father, is her Godfather. Curie’s mother and her mother are college roommates. She and Curie have a good personal relationship, which is the relationship between brother and sister. She’s Cameron brink, one of the top American high school girls.

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Cameron brink is only 18 years old, but his height has reached 1.93 meters. She was named a five-star star star in American high school and ranked third in espnw hoopgurlz top 100.

Cameron’s parents used to be college basketball players, and her mother was a roommate of Sonia Curie, Curie’s mother. At first, Cameron brink was more interested in art than basketball. But at the urging of the Curie family, she joined the school basketball team by joining a basketball training camp in Dale Curie.

She met Curie when she was very young. On Curie’s 32nd birthday, she posted a picture on social media with the caption “happy birthday brother, love you!!”. In the photo, she took many photos with Kuri when she was a child. One of them was that she was riding on Kuri’s shoulder. They were very happy.

After playing basketball, she has received the personal guidance of Kuri many times, and gradually grew into an excellent basketball player. In an interview with the media, she dialed the library number directly for a video chat.

5 Chinese table tennis players are eliminated!

In the early hours of March 6th, the Qatar table tennis open ended the third match day, that is, the first full match day. 5 Chinese table tennis players regretted to stop the first round of competition, 2 of them lost the civil war and 3 of them lost the foreign war. World champion Lin Gaoyuan also lost to 43 year old senior Samsonov after the national champion Zhou Yu.

In terms of foreign Association, Itoh Meicheng, a Japanese player, broke the national table tennis defense line and beat Gu Yuting, a fierce general, while Zhang benzhihe made a “round Tour” again and lost to Zhuang Zhiyuan, a 38 year old Chinese Taipei player. This year, Lao Zhuang has defeated this player three times in a row, which can be called another “Zhang Benke star” after Xu Xin!


On the third day of the Qatar championship, the overall performance of the national table tennis team was good. In singles, 19 players came on stage and 14 players were promoted. Sun Mingyang and Zhang Rui lost to teammates Wang Manyu and Wang Yidi respectively, while he Zhuojia lost to 37 year old German Chinese veteran Shan Xiaona, Gu Yuting lost to itomo Meicheng and Lin Gaoyuan lost to Samsonov.

At present, Ma long, Xu Xin, fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun and Wang Chuqin, the five main players of the men’s team, have all been promoted. However, fan Zhendong’s risk has been blown out, and only 4-3 has turned Sweden’s new star Karlberg. In terms of the women’s team, Ding Ning, Chen Meng, Zhu Yuling, sun yingsha, Chen Xingtong and Qian Tianyi have all won the victory in the foreign war, but Chen Xingtong also won Li Haoqing of the Hong Kong team of China, which is quite difficult to win.