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Viscom, Lyon, France

Viscom is the abbreviation of visual communication. It is the exhibition brand of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s largest exhibition group. It is one of the few professional exhibitions in the advertising media, logo and sign industry certified by the international exhibition Union (UFI).

Under the unified coordination of Reed Exhibitions group, Reed Exhibitions companies from France, Germany, Italy and Spain organize and hold different Viscom exhibitions in their respective countries.

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Viscom has always been famous for its innovative products and high-quality exhibition services. Every year, more than 80% of visitors seek new products, technologies and services as their first purpose. France visual communication and advertising logo Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Viscom Paris”) is a professional exhibition gathering the elites of the European visual communication industry, and also the first grand event of the advertising logo industry in the French speaking region of the world!

Sponsored and supported by synafel and apcad, all French jurisdictions and all industry sectors participated in the exhibition.

In addition, the representative offices of foreign countries in France also actively visited the exhibition. This part of the visitors increased by 10% compared with the previous one. 20% of the visitors came from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Morocco, China and other international visitors.

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Since 2014, Viscom in France has changed its venue to Versailles Exhibition Center. After the opening of Versailles gate exhibition hall, exhibitors and visitors can get to the exhibition hall more easily. This move has greatly increased the number of visitors to Viscom exhibition, which has been generally welcomed and affirmed by exhibitors.

French Lyon advertising logo exhibition Viscom is held by comexposum, a French Gome exhibition group. The exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the French market. The last exhibition of French Lyon advertising logo exhibition Viscom attracted 650 participating enterprises, and the number of merchants reached 5000. The exhibition is held in eurexpo Parc, the European center of Lyon, France The exhibition area is 15000 square meters.

Not only the signer but also the experienced saber

Marcus Johnson has decided to sign a two-year, $9 million contract with the Stevie buffalo in between the offseason transfer and the placement of top players.

The 28 year old striker believes in the Buffalo Sabres.

“I like the style of buffalo,” Johnson said. “It’s a very young and passionate team and I’m looking forward to working with buffalo. When I finally decided to go, I was really happy. ”

For saber, last season can be said to be two extremes: from November 8 to 27, the team fell ten cities in a row; but the second half of the regular season team performance can be said to be different, the result missed the playoffs. However, Johnson believes that buffalo can play a more stable sabre.


“Last year, they showed their strength at the beginning of the season, how well they can play ice hockey.” “No matter how many peaks and valleys you go through, you just need to be in good shape for most of the season,” Johnson said. Even in the face of difficulties and dangers, everyone tries to keep a positive attitude and move forward. ”

In Johnson’s view, all these young players are excellent and they can learn from everything. He believes that with the talent they have, everything will go well in the future.

Johnson has been in the playoffs for eight of the nine seasons of his NHL career. On February 25, Johnson was traded by the New Jersey Devils to the Boston brown bears, scoring 11 points (4 goals, 7 assists) in 22 playoffs.

NHL announces 40 players apply for contract arbitration

A total of 40 restricted free agents have applied for contract arbitration this year, according to statistics released on July 5 by the NHL players union, led by St. Louis Blues goalkeeper binnington.

Last season, the 25-year-old goalkeeper helped Blues win the Stanley Cup for the first time in the 51st year of his team’s construction. He won 16 and lost 10 in the finals, lost 2.46 goals per game, and saved 91.4%. As a rookie goalkeeper, he has been quite valuable.

In addition to binnington, there are also a number of small and famous players in the arbitration list, such as New York Ranger guard Jacob truba, New Jersey Devil guard will Bucher, Vegas golden Cavaliers goalkeeper Malcolm subban, and Calgary flame forward Sam Bennett.

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This year’s salary arbitration hearing will be held from July 20 to August 4 local time. Any restricted free player can sign a contract with the parent team before the contract is agreed through arbitration.

Last season, a total of 44 players applied for contract arbitration, including truba, who was then in the jet, now in maple leaf, then in Senator Cody Sisi, now in Canadians, then in flame guard dirk. These three players are the only players who won the contract through arbitration last year. At that time, he played for duckling, and now guard montur at Sabre has a contract, but he has signed with duckling before. All the remaining players agreed on a contract with their parent team before the arbitration began.

Summary: 49 defensive end striker Nick Bossa is fined

Nick Bosa will be punished for the collision.


The rookie defensive end-up grabbed the Viking right winger Brian O’Neill after his teammates finished the interception in the Division match against the Viking on the 11th. O’Neill left for a concussion and was not back in the game. The referee on duty fouled Bossa for unnecessary rudeness.

Bossa will be fined $28075.

Here are other news on Saturday:

1. Jeffery Simmons, Titan’s defensive frontman, will not be fined for non sportsman behavior. Crow guard Marshall Yanda accused Simmons of spitting on himself, but there was no video evidence to support the charges.

2. Eric Fisher, the left cutting edge of the chief, was fined $14037 for non sportsman behavior. In last week’s winner’s game, Fisher poured two cans of beer on himself after arriving at the battle to celebrate, and poured his money away.

In addition, Damien Williams, the chief runner, was fined $10527 for non sportsman conduct. After scoring in one set, he threw a ball in front of Brandon Dunn.