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Well, here’s something I didn’t know about the history of bumper stickers. Everything has a history, right? And bumpers have only been around for a hundred years or so, and stickers probably even less. So where did it start?

The story of the bumper sticker begins in the 1930’s. A screen printer by the name of Forest P. Gill had a moment of enlightenment that changed the world. Often dubbed “the father of bumper stickers,” Gill began to attach cloth messages to the bumpers of automobiles using pieces of wire. Immediately realizing the potential, Gill soon replaced his wire attachment system with a process using an adhesive backing, and the first sticker printing business was born.

Bumper stickers are one of our biggest categories here at DIY TRANSFERS. I count 347 designs in the?DIY TRANSFERS store, not to mention all the custom bumper stickers we print. It’s all thanks to good ol’ Forest.


Hey this is John Lee, I’m the owner and founder of?and Iron On Sticker wanted to show you a new sticker we just did, it is a glow in the dark sticker for my friend AJ.

AJ has a new venture going and he needed some new stickers. His logo is rectangular so we didn’t want to do a die cut shape, so we found this super glowing intense vinyl stock and printed black ink over it with his logo and these things glow like crazy.

We tested them out earlier, and I’ll show you a picture and they are really neat stickers for IRON ON LOGO. If you want one, send us a self addressed stamped envelope to Iron On Logo?Stickers, c/o PO 301 Hygiene, CO 80533.

Thanks a lot and have a great day.


The creative team at BEST came to us with a special sticker project. They needed some kiss cut stickers that made their contest for the BEST company website stand out.

The BEST team has world class experience, MTV, Starz, MLB and Comedy Central…. just to name a few of their projects.

We love them, they get good work, they get quality manufacturing and they get printing. The BEST team is large and in charge and have created the BEST gig ever for themselves. Check out BEST if you need creative work that means something.

We printed 3 stickers for them. They were in silkscreen and kiss cut styles for easy removal of the die cut bursts, These stickers are high quality and will last a long long time.

New Additions to Our Military Insignia Iron On Stickers

Has it been a while since you last checked out all of the military iron on stickers and decals we have to offer? Well, we’ve recently expanded this iron on sticker category with a ton of new designs, so now is a great time to take a look. Military iron on stickers serve so many purposes:

Show your support for our troops
Honor your children, your spouse, your grandparent, or other loved one
Show your patriotic side
Display your affiliation
Show off your military family by creating a whole set, like family stickers

We have an array of US Navy and Coast Guard stickers and decals and are continuing to add even more. All of our military decals are made out of high-quality, durable outdoor vinyl. Some can be customized with text and graphics:

Add your own text
Create memorial stickers
Create one larger sticker with multiple designs to display different ranks and achievements
Add clipart to promote events or fundraisers

Check out what we have to offer here, US Military Iron On Stickers, and place your order today.


Giving away promotional iron on transfer items is obviously one of the best marketing tactics around. Promotional iron on transfer items are cost effective. Cheap custom tee shirts and screen printed totes each generate 200 and 1,000 brand impressions per advertising dollar, respectively. Plus, they have a huge impact. In one study, the vast majority (73.5%) of respondents said that they could remember the name of a brand who??d given them cheap custom tees iron on transfers better than a brand they??d seen advertised on TV.

Unfortunately, success is not guaranteed. If a custom tee isn??t designed well, no one is going to wear it. How then can it generate brand exposures if it??s wadded up in the back of someone??s drawer?

Instead of letting that catastrophe happen, use these tips to design great looking custom tees iron on transfers.

Consider the Colors.

Color is incredibly important. Pairing two or more colors that don??t work well with each other could potentially doom a custom tee iron on transfer from the start. Instead, it??s best to go one of three routes. First, you can use complementary colors, like red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. Second, you could pair warm colors together, or cool colors together. Third, you could pair any color with white.

Consider Logo Placement.

If you give away custom tees iron on transfer to market your business, you??re going to have to make sure people see your logo. Consider putting it nice and big in one of three spots. First, you can put it right smack in the middle of the custom tee??s chest, which is where most companies put logos. Second, you could put it on the back, where there??s more room for an even bigger logo. Third, you could put a smaller logo on the breast of the custom tee, which won??t be able to be seen from far away, but is far more professional-looking.

Consider the Font.

If you want people to remember your company??s name, you??re going to have make it so people can read it. Choose a quality font that??s both legible and artistic. A fancy, cursive font is hard to read, while a childish looking font will make a bad impression. Instead, stick to the classics, like Arial, Verdana, or Times New Roman.

Though it??s not hard to design a shirt, it does take a little bit of though. If you have any questions about designing custom shirts, feel free to ask in the comments.