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Inspirational Fitness Slogans & Sayings decals stickers for Workout Gear

Workout Gear Iron On Transfers

Working out can be a pain in the butt, literally and figuratively. So a motivating or funny slogan on your gym shirts can really help inspire, and push yourself and your clients harder. Here’s a bunch of great ones provided by our customers to add to your to your custom gym shirts or workout tanks. And now that we have dri-fit shirts available to customize at any quantity, it’s a win for everyone.

Motivational Fitness/Workout T-Shirt Slogans & Quotes
Don’t wish it were easier. Make yourself better.
Tomorrow you will wish you started today.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is your body.
We don’t USE machines. We MAKE them.
Dream. Believe. Succeed.
Don’t talk about it?? BE about it.
Sweat is expected. Puking is optional.
Find your strong.
Fitness is not just a number on a scale. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle.
If the bar ain’t bendin’, you’re just pretendin.
Break out of your limits!
We put the “F-U” in fun.

Go Green With These Great Green Slogans and Sayings

Green Slogans and Sayings iron on transfer

slogan or saying to promote going green? (slogan t shirt iron on transfer) Being that the Golden Rule is one of our core values, we thought we’d spread a little planet earth love and share with you some popular ones we’ve come across. They’re a great addition to your green or safety green t-shirts, posters, hats, and for school or work projects for Earth Day or really any day.

Some Creative Slogans & Sayings to Promote Going Green
Don’t be trashy!
It’s not easy being green.
Conservation doesn’t cost anything, but saves everything.
Respect your mother (Earth)
“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”-The Lorax
Earth day, every day.
Changing the world, one decision at a time.
A gallon saved is $5 earned.
Keep the country, country!
Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Don’t trash our future!
Eat. Sleep. Hug trees.

22 Creative & Inspiring Boxing/MMA Slogans iron on transfer for t shirts

Boxing MMA Slogans iron on transfers

Something custom! And create your MMA and boxing club t-shirts and apparel at IronOnSticker. Train for your big fight or unite your whole club with custom gear. If you need some inspiration for your apparel, check out our boxing & MMA slogans and sayings (sayings iron on transfer) below. If you see a saying that’s a heavyweight, customize some of our t-shirts for your group.

Boxing/MMA Slogans and Sayings
Roll with the punches.
I’m a knockout.
Go down swinging.
“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” ?C Muhammad Ali
You do not talk about fight club.
“The time is right now, you’ve got to make it happen right now.” ?? Holly Holm
Beat ‘em to the punch.
Never on the ropes.
See you in the octagon.
I hit like a girl.
Always throw the last punch.
I’m a fighter.
Strive for greatness.
Find your strength.
Train hard or go home.
Never lose your fight.
Quitting is not an option.
Keep calm and box on.
Gloves up.
Champions are made in the ring.
“Someone has to be the best in the world, why not you?” ?? Ronda Rousey
Keep fighting.

Class Shirts


Recently I spent a week updating our Senior Class shirts to 2011, and of course making some new designs. I took a peek at some of the recent designs by our customers to spot any new trends. It makes me feel less old knowing that one trend is still going strong among the upper classmen?? Seniors RULE! More specifically, they are the royalty of the school. That??s what I decided was missing from our templates, kingly designs befitting those looking to assert their supremacy on the lower serfdom. And for those of you still working your way up?? I have a few designs to help you band together against the monarchy!

Spread the Cool, One Can at a Time


When I think of koozies, I think about tail-gates, the beach, camping, and (thanks to working at DIYTRANSFERS.COM) weddings. Weddings? Yeah, weddings.

I can??t tell you how popular our custom koozies are with bridal parties. From bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners, to gifts for the guests at the reception: koozies are where it??s at. Of course, marriage is a LONG way off for me, so I make my koozies for a different reason??theme parties.

There are different types of can coolers ?C from foam, to foldable, and even full color. My favorite is the full color because it gives the most artistic freedom. You can go crazy with text and even upload a picture, which is perfect for me because I have a secret plan to get my face on as many of my friends?? things as possible.

Since I don??t have a brand completely centered around my image (yet??), I think I might plan an ??Ugly Christmas Sweater?? party (CHRISTMAS SHIRT IRON ON STICKER)this holiday season, just so I can give out koozies as ??gifts?? to all my friends??with a picture of me wearing my favorite and most hideous holiday knitwear.