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Why are’s custom clear decals different

Custom Clear Decals make excellent signage for windows, mirrors or vehicles. The durable clear vinyl material will adhere bubble-free to any smooth surface when applied properly and provide a seamless appearance for your design. The clear vinyl material applies easily as one large piece and will remove clean without causing any damage to the surface.

The clear vinyl material is waterproof, fade resistant and comes with both front adhesive, or back adhesive options for applying to interior or exterior glass. Perfect for store-front business promotions and long term signage or branding.

Clear Stickers & Decals Wet Application Instructions

Wet Application Method works best for Clear Stickers and Decals larger than 4″. This method only works on waterproof surfaces. If your surface is not waterproof, you can simply and carefully peel and stick your clear decal onto your surface.

Step 1. CLEAN the surface to which the
decal will be applied. Avoid applying
on a frozen or very cold surface
(minimum 50??F or 10??C).

Step 2. PEEL the backing sheet off the decal

and lay the decal adhesive-side-up on a table.

Step 3. SPRAY both the adhesive and the installation surface with a mixture of water and a drop of dish soap or baby shampoo.

Step 4. PLACE the decal onto the wet surface and slide into position.

Step 5. SMOOTH the decal using a credit card wrapped in paper towel or an installation squeegee. Work from the center of the decal towards the edges to push the air and water out.

Step 6. DRY the surface and enjoy your clear decal!