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what can heat transfer vinyl do for custom heat transfer lable/tag for clothing?

Heat transfer label are best on sporty t-shirts,athletic wear,or baby items like newborn bodysuits, swimsuit.underwear and gloves.The heat transfer label are easy to apply by a regular household iron on or an industrial heat press. And they are usually made of heat transfer vinyl. Heat transfer vinyl is very high quality and stands up through dozens of washings without fading or chipping away. It can bear put in 40°C warm water washing more than 50 times not peel off, strong adhesion, colorful bright,never fade.


For infant/baby clothes

If you are making baby clothes, especially for newborns, soft woven or printed labels could work very well and  is often used. If you are really concerned about a label rubbing against an infant’s skin, then a heat transfer label is best.

If you really like the look of a woven label, you can put a heat transfer in the neck area and woven label on the outside trim.

Athletic Gear

For athletic gear or workout clothes, a woven label could potentially irritate someone’s skin during a lot of activity. Heat transfer labels would eliminate this problem and are very popular with athletic gear manufacturing.