Curie even has such a beautiful sister’s skills, ranking third among American high school students

The first time I saw this girl, I was amazed by her beauty. Dale Curie, Curie’s father, is her Godfather. Curie’s mother and her mother are college roommates. She and Curie have a good personal relationship, which is the relationship between brother and sister. She’s Cameron brink, one of the top American high school girls.

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Cameron brink is only 18 years old, but his height has reached 1.93 meters. She was named a five-star star star in American high school and ranked third in espnw hoopgurlz top 100.

Cameron’s parents used to be college basketball players, and her mother was a roommate of Sonia Curie, Curie’s mother. At first, Cameron brink was more interested in art than basketball. But at the urging of the Curie family, she joined the school basketball team by joining a basketball training camp in Dale Curie.

She met Curie when she was very young. On Curie’s 32nd birthday, she posted a picture on social media with the caption “happy birthday brother, love you!!”. In the photo, she took many photos with Kuri when she was a child. One of them was that she was riding on Kuri’s shoulder. They were very happy.

After playing basketball, she has received the personal guidance of Kuri many times, and gradually grew into an excellent basketball player. In an interview with the media, she dialed the library number directly for a video chat.