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But I still didn’t give up on the bucks

Oh, but I still don’t give up on the bucks. If the heat’s two consecutive years in the finals come true, I can tell you that I’ll see you again. The free plus one is that he should be in the finals for three consecutive years, that is, if the heat can play again in the playoffs next year.

Entering the finals means that bucks letter brother’s championship road of the finals is broken again ahead of schedule. The signing of the letter song in Miami in the summer of 2021 will basically become the current heat’s lineup with subtitles.

It’s not a dream to win the championship in 2022. With the end of NBA 2009-20 season, we should give our due applause to the league. In fact, in the process of this season’s suspension, the league made such a preliminary announcement at that time.

In fact, many of the media, including the fans, were against the League when they supported the plan. This plan would first feel that it was not feasible. On the other hand, it might be very risky. Maybe the staff even put the safety and health of the player at the forefront of the storm.

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Signing may be a disadvantage, but it’s not entirely Donovan’s

In fact, I would also like to mention that signing a contract may be a disadvantage, but it can not be said that it is entirely Donovan’s. stocks may be a disadvantage faced by Donovan and the bull, that is, the bull has not fully established its own position.

Considering the new point, Donovan may need to solve it next season, because the bulls, I have seen that since 2003, all of his coaches are rookies, and none of them have ever hired a coach with NBA head coach experience. Donovan is the first one of these, so the whole team before these teams.

I think it’s more interesting. Of course, there are some excellent coaches like thibodou in a team, but they are still in a chaotic state until last season. What Donovan needs to solve next season is the problem of attack.

Launch the attack core to build their attack system. Speaking of this, I have to disclose the top ten explosive players I want to choose next season. I now call them to vote. That is the bull’s conker center Wendell Carter. In fact, we think Mitchell Robinson is talented and efficient, but has no playing time.

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What I’m going to say now is that Doran can’t be ruled out

Well, what’s the problem of excluding Doran? In fact, what I’m going to say now is that Dolan can’t be ruled out. Ha ha, it’s impossible to get around it. The biggest disadvantage of sieboldo coming to New York is that Doran’s history is very thin. The relationship between him and the general manager of the uniform group of the team is in fact.

This is not very good, not very good with the bulls. In fact, the Timberwolves finally had a quarrel with the management, which led to his losing his job. Doran can be regarded as the most difficult and difficult boss in the league, so siburdu will stay longer if he wants to be able to deal with Doran.

I don’t need to absorb the problem that he and his two previous owners can’t handle the relationship well. I think that dealing with interpersonal relationship may be the biggest disadvantage of Xibe Nationality. It is very likely that he will not play half of the season. He will also be fired from the composition of the top coaches in New York. Well, speaking of this, I think it is very interesting.

My biggest advantage at that time was that I was good at dealing with this interpersonal relationship. If I had been to nix at that time, you said that he could handle the relationship with Dolan well. I think that was a good way to deal with the relationship, but I should not go to pick up the Nix booth. After all, this is the peak.

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In fact, there is no outstanding future Hall of fame level person

In fact, there is no outstanding talent at the hall of fame level in the future. But the draft of 20212022 will be the new year of NBA. At last, many teams decided that I would not rebuild before and rebuild this year.

It will be a very good start. For example, thunder, who was still playing in the playoffs last season, was in the fifth place in the Western Conference. As the fifth in the west, it decided to start to play bad this season. That’s because the thunder thinks I have so many draft rights in the future, and the next two years of draft year in a row.

He was the best chance, so many teams are willing to deliver shells for the teams in front of them and the teams in the middle of the league. You know why many teams in the league are starting to rot? Is it because of the financial problems caused by the epidemic situation? Yes, one is.

That can save money. The other thing is that your fans are afraid of losing Britney Spears to watch the game. In fact, the stadium will not be open next season, and the fans will not come to the stadium. It’s better to make this rotten thing thoroughly when we don’t pay much attention to it at this moment.

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We all have quite a lot of reinforcement, what’s more important

We all have a lot of reinforcement, more importantly, for the team, ah, save valuable, salary space, in fact, when we talked about green, I joked that green is the negative equity of the Lakers, but this negative equity in exchange for the holder is a good thing. What is the situation of hofford now.

Players, you think I think skin care should be a relatively stable League, top 10 rubbish, and activities are right. To be exact, as a player, he still has a very strong value. After all, his experience and leadership temperament are still there. However, his mind is really out of proportion to his ability. In fact, I am still against hofford.

There’s a glimmer of hope. Ah, I don’t think he’s in the right place. In fact, it was only two seasons ago that hofford was in the middle of the Celtics’ defense and the middle of the ball’s operation. More importantly, it was in the playoffs.

Peter terminator is right. So in July, people are not very compatible as amu said. But if he can get to a team that needs talents like him, I think he still has the ability to fight. But this team is definitely not the thunder team. Yes, the only thing the thunder team wants now is.

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Houdil, he has a certain individual ability to attack with the ball

Another point is that if the Bucks, the next goal is to fight for the championship, you think that the arrival of hollerty can really make the Bucks soar. There is no opponent in the East. Personally, I think that the deal by hollerty really strengthens the Bucks’ lineup, but it is only a little bit stronger, and it does not change in essence.

This team, I think, is not a panacea, he can’t after he came, all the problems of the Bucks last season have been solved, but his idea and direction is the first, we also said in the previous shooting guard ranking that it is a very top defense outside defense, that’s the bucks.

Such a top team in the East needs the ability very much in the playoffs. Another point is that hodie has a certain ability to attack with the ball. Since it was last season, what we think the Bucks lack most in the playoffs is who can be the attack initiator with the ball outside of the alphabet brother. The arrival of HOUDY can be.

To solve this problem, I think that the direction of walking seems to be wrong. The Bucks have been flat in the past two years in the playoffs. You think his problem is due to poor defense. Therefore, I think that the problem is not the defense problem, but their attack at that time. Nahoredi is indeed a top defender in the league, but he is.

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Four of LeBron’s strikers can match them

In fact, it is a different team. They can have a lot of rotation lineups. They can match LeBron with four shooters. They can match LeBron with Tristan Thompson. This lineup is for us.

It’s also a problem. Their bearers are No. 3 or No. 4, that is LeBron, so their description is very flexible. Happy smile can almost perfectly analyze every link of the Cavaliers team, but he has nothing to do with James. In the past ten years, almost every excellent player has been.

All of them have studied James’s playing methods. When the playoffs team meets James, they are particularly pretty and come up with countermeasures, such as bobovich bobovich and James in the 2007 finals, and the regional pitches are far away from rivers, yongpeirce and Garnett in the 2010 playoffs.

You go to jams, Cole uses an answer to half kill Colin in the 2015 finals, wait for forwards to take turns defending James, and so on. At some time, they have achieved success, but most of the time, James has no solution.

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Griffin Ben had a good chance to lead the Clippers in the first round

With the diversification of technology Griffin, it is becoming less and more concerned. If it is not an unexpected injury, Griffin has a chance to lead the Clippers in the first round, defeat the jazz, but now it can only be simple if it is.

In fact, in the closing stage of the season, Griffin was the best player of clippers. Its strong performance included the data of the slow down Clippers at that time, the military effort to fight, the position of the upper half area cut 31 points, eight rebounds and five assists with a shooting hit rate of nearly 68%.

I remember that the best Griffin, who played nine games and won seven games, didn’t care much. What’s more, it is that it is already the second in a row.

Last year, at a critical moment in the playoffs, the young man who was chasing the model of violent and violent power forward brought out. Once upon a time, Griffin was the best player in the NBA, and he had the general muscle line scolded by carmalon com.

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The double shot only scored 23 points in total

The two teams, 15-1 and in excellent condition, played cautiously. There were 22 alternated leads in this game. Even if the two sides were tied, they played 88. Although the Blazers contributed 75 points in total.

I got 25 points in half-time, but the warriors, with better defense, laughed until the end. Green green gave out five blocks, five blocks and three pieces of rubbish that robbed him. That’s the warriors’ weapon.

They are the last quarter of quality. The pioneers got 21 points, and they can only use it when they have a good grasp. Durant was injured and absent, which disrupted the deployment of the warriors in the second game. They played a shock wave of 128-2 in the beginning, building a huge advantage in the third season.

Warriors once again launched a wave, 28-12 climax, it is difficult for a team to resist such a fierce offensive, the Blazers are no exception, the double gun total only 23 points, such performance, obviously can not win.

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Refused to watch Tony Parker play

Refusing to watch Tony Parker’s game, the Spurs need to reshape their lineup, including go. Duncan is knows better than anyone else, but the large number of people who won the championship with him in 1999 are old and out of 36.

Ai Li, 37, who is about to leave after her contract expires, went to the sun a year ago. Elliott, 33, who has had a kidney change, will soon become a TV series.

If we don’t give Duncan, if babe doesn’t equip Duncan with a batch of new and reliable helpers, and if he doesn’t continue to launch like the championship, the impact will be a waste of good youth. However, Popovich doesn’t think Parker will be one of the answers, which is empty for the dissatisfaction of 20 from France.

In fact, the thief, Parker, is not purely French. He has half American blood in his body. His father is old Tony. Parker is an American. His wife grew up in Chicago and learned to play basketball. He is six feet five.

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