But I still didn’t give up on the bucks

Oh, but I still don’t give up on the bucks. If the heat’s two consecutive years in the finals come true, I can tell you that I’ll see you again. The free plus one is that he should be in the finals for three consecutive years, that is, if the heat can play again in the playoffs next year.

Entering the finals means that bucks letter brother’s championship road of the finals is broken again ahead of schedule. The signing of the letter song in Miami in the summer of 2021 will basically become the current heat’s lineup with subtitles.

It’s not a dream to win the championship in 2022. With the end of NBA 2009-20 season, we should give our due applause to the league. In fact, in the process of this season’s suspension, the league made such a preliminary announcement at that time.

In fact, many of the media, including the fans, were against the League when they supported the plan. This plan would first feel that it was not feasible. On the other hand, it might be very risky. Maybe the staff even put the safety and health of the player at the forefront of the storm.

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