Against the Lakers Ingram state downturn, Zion sharp!

On March 2, NBA regular season ushered in the battle of focus. Ingram led the former “three less Lakers” against the Lakers led by James. Although Davies was absent due to injury, both sides still gave us a wonderful game. In the end, the better Lakers beat the pelicans 122-114.


In terms of data, the Lakers LeBron James scored 34 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists in the super triple double; Kyle Kuzma scored 20 points. For pelican, Cain Williamson has 35 points and 7 rebounds; ronzo Bauer has 19 points and 9 rebounds and 9 assists; Brandon Ingram has 15 points. Comprehensive performance of the two teams to see James today’s play can be said to be impeccable, Zion also in the inner line of the sea not to let go. On the contrary, Ingram, who made it to the All-Star this season, didn’t perform well in this game. According to statistics, four times this season against the Lakers play not very ideal, four shooting situation in 21 of 4, 27 of 7, 20 of 12, 23 of 5. 28 out of 91 shots, with a hit rate of only 30.7%, the offensive end was struggling.