Ab – Painting

A. R. punk (Ralph Winkler), born in Dresden in 1939; studied painting from Jorgen berthel (stravald) from 1953 to 1954; studied advertising painting from 1955 to 1956; left democratic Germany in 1980; taught in the Department of print at Dusseldorf School of art in 1988; worked and lived in Dublin, London and Dusseldorf. This painting shows seven little red and brown people in front of the red background. Among them, the largest figure is located in the center of the picture, a man with four arms and two heads. The split body straddles the deep valley with its legs. Each of the two bodies holds a sign with the words “ab” and turns to the two sides to face several other bodies that are doing various activities.


The three male figures on the right side of the screen, carrying tools, flags and guns respectively, represent the work, victory and struggle of human activities. The three figures on the left side of the picture are quite different in terms of their proportions and performances. The smallest one holds a Christian symbol cross, the middle one holds up his arms (perhaps a gesture of surrender), and the largest one on the left side of the picture holds a sign in front of him. Signs with “ab” characters cause different reactions in all forms. In this way, punk vividly shows that people of different races, countries and political and cultural backgrounds must have different positions on how to deal with the same time. Pence’s paintings have the characteristics of spontaneity and arbitrariness. The simple and general form of expression not only reminds people of children’s paintings, but also reminds people of prehistoric cave murals and ancient painting forms.