76 people and NHL devils staff will be temporarily reduced by 20%

March 24 – Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils employees will receive a temporary 20% pay cut from April 15 to the end of June, according to Marc Stein. Team management is also required to participate in the program, but not forced.

The provisional measure by the 76ers and devils aims to avoid layoffs, which will not reduce the health or 401k benefits of the team’s employees, according to people familiar with the matter.

It is reported that brand, general manager of the 76ers, Reynolds, President of the devil team, heck, President of the 76ers, and Scott O’Neill, chief executive of Harris Blitzer sports entertainment (the owners of the two teams), have agreed to participate in the plan.

It is worth mentioning that this measure does not include players, because players are a separate category. The league has promised to pay the players on April 1 as usual, but has not promised to continue to pay on April 15, because the contract contains a “force majeure” clause that can be invoked in case of emergency.