51:14 Mr. Ban, no one wants it for free!

No one in NBA dare to say that they are absolutely not for sale, even superstars dare not, let alone Lefu.

Since joining the knights, Cleveland has been full of rumors almost every summer,

It’s said that Lefu, who is often called a fake giant, will be the one who leaves under the covers. But in the summer of 2017, it’s Owen, and in the summer of 2018, it’s James. Instead of Lefu, it’s Diaoyutai.


He himself gradually calmed down, no wonder he was used to such rumors.

In addition, Knight management, from owner Gilbert to manager Corby Altman, has paid more attention to him. When the contract was not expired in the summer of 2018, they offered a four-year fat contract of 120 million US dollars a year in advance.

People who want to leave can’t stay, such as Owen and James, who are too individualistic and often contradict the idea of boss Gilbert, so it’s inevitable to leave, even if James and Owen bring the championship to the Cavaliers.