5 Chinese table tennis players are eliminated!

In the early hours of March 6th, the Qatar table tennis open ended the third match day, that is, the first full match day. 5 Chinese table tennis players regretted to stop the first round of competition, 2 of them lost the civil war and 3 of them lost the foreign war. World champion Lin Gaoyuan also lost to 43 year old senior Samsonov after the national champion Zhou Yu.

In terms of foreign Association, Itoh Meicheng, a Japanese player, broke the national table tennis defense line and beat Gu Yuting, a fierce general, while Zhang benzhihe made a “round Tour” again and lost to Zhuang Zhiyuan, a 38 year old Chinese Taipei player. This year, Lao Zhuang has defeated this player three times in a row, which can be called another “Zhang Benke star” after Xu Xin!


On the third day of the Qatar championship, the overall performance of the national table tennis team was good. In singles, 19 players came on stage and 14 players were promoted. Sun Mingyang and Zhang Rui lost to teammates Wang Manyu and Wang Yidi respectively, while he Zhuojia lost to 37 year old German Chinese veteran Shan Xiaona, Gu Yuting lost to itomo Meicheng and Lin Gaoyuan lost to Samsonov.

At present, Ma long, Xu Xin, fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun and Wang Chuqin, the five main players of the men’s team, have all been promoted. However, fan Zhendong’s risk has been blown out, and only 4-3 has turned Sweden’s new star Karlberg. In terms of the women’s team, Ding Ning, Chen Meng, Zhu Yuling, sun yingsha, Chen Xingtong and Qian Tianyi have all won the victory in the foreign war, but Chen Xingtong also won Li Haoqing of the Hong Kong team of China, which is quite difficult to win.