What’s the big impact?

What does Capello bring to the rockets and the missile team? In fact, er, there is no decisive factor, so maybe he thinks that the education jump kabela also gives to the missiles.

What’s the big impact? I have a vague feeling that their missiles are not a complete form for her now. Is it really a perfect shape? It’s really introverted. It’s just like that there’s no vacuum at all. If you want to play without this lineup, jazz’s determination is not necessarily appropriate. Because your loopholes are too big and obvious, so I feel that there is a second possibility. They are Hardon and weishao. They must be fixed. The main force will not trade in a short time. They have not met the serious situation of the team. In other words, if there is a qualitative change in the core before, I don’t understand it. I think the player who got the best prevention in the first two years, the prevention defense is extremely excellent, and the fixed-point three-point player is the best one. When Ariza was in the weather of Ariza, when it was in its heyday, there was no problem where to find it. Now it is also reflected in the contract of more than 12 million yuan. The contract of Ka and Bella is 160017001800, so it is OK for missiles.

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On average, 5 million US dollars can be saved every year. His contract is very excellent. Ah, jiuna’s contract is really excellent. Compared with coffee, there is a little lack of ability. For rockets, there is only a little lack of help. Because of his contract, the small amount of 5 million minus the contribution he provided, the transaction is not very bad, but the integrity of the missile to the team of this team is slightly poor, because he does not have the structure of the players and the structure of the team. Too big problem, the guard line is very rich, the front line is a little weak, those are barely enough, but now after the front line is insufficient, those problems have occurred.